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    This is the stuff that annoys me about this hobby

    Ugh, speaking of fish abuse, look at this gem I found while looking for a fish tank for sale. Those goldfish are screaming for help. I would help them but they're selling them on the other side of the country. :sad:
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    my local fish store

    That is QUITE a lot of fish!!
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    Vote Now! - July 2022 Tank of the Month Contest (17 to 30 US Gallons)

    Hi guys! I've been waiting to enter for soooo long ! This is my 18 gallon high Juwel tank. I've had it for nearly 2 years now and it has changed a lot since then. It houses 10 guppies, 4 swordtails, 6 fairy cories ( corydoras atropersonatus ) 6 harlequin rasboras, guppy fry which will be given...
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    A Christmas (moss) Story.

    Yep, moss from my own garden
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    A Christmas (moss) Story.

    I actually tried that a while ago. So basically you find some moss, get a glass container or a separate tank, some string and a rock or driftwood that you want to attach the moss onto. You rinse the moss first to get rid of bugs, You then tie the moss onto the hardscape and put it in the tank...
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    What makes you special?

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    What makes you special?

    I also have scoliosis ( probably not that special) , I have to wear glasses because my left eye is longsighted and my right is shortsighted
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    What makes you special?

    Beautiful! I have three freckles on my face that are in a perfect triangle.
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    Baby tears: tearing my hair out

    Wow your tank must be amazing! I'm so jealous
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    Baby tears: tearing my hair out

    Any updates on the tank? How are the fish doing?
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    Baby tears: tearing my hair out

    Oh my god so beautiful I wish my tank was like that! What fish are you adding?
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    What is happening to my fry!?

    I used to have this problem. I had like, 40 guppy fry and then within a few days there were 3 .My guppy fry used to Bury themselves in rocks or under the gravel and die there. It wasn't a nice experience doing a water change and having dead fry floating in the bucket. Do you have gravel in the...
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    What plants should i get?

    I will. Thanks for the advice