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    2 External Filters For Sale

    2 external filters for sale - a Fluval 105 and an Aquamanta EFX 200.   Fluval for tanks up to 100l, Aquamanta for tanks up to 200l   Equipment: Fluval 105, Aquamanta EFX 200 Age and condition: 2-3 years old, uses but cleaned Quantity for sale: 1 of each Reason for Sale: Student - no room for...
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    Feature Fish! Suggestions?

    You know, I just got a trio of honeys for my 60l yesterday as the centrepiece and they look amazing! Definitely recommended for a smallish community, however I think for your 180l a larger gourami's a good idea - pearl, gold or opaline are your best bet.
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    For Sale - Red Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina Heteropoda "red")

    I'm buying some for a friend, but he doesn't know if he wants 20 or 30. Would you be able to reserve them until Monday/Tuesday?
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    Stocking Suggestions For A 15G Planted

    My 15gal has: 8 Ember Tetras 10 Neon Tetras 8 Pygmy Corys Bearing in mind this is a mature set up, this is a very colourful and active tank that I'm really liking atm. The embers and neons shoal together and contrast really well with the green plants. I have a dark substrate and background...
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    Lfs Display Tanks

    The Maidenhead I did my work experience at had an 8'x4'x4' display with a 2 foot mbuna puffer, a few rays, a Black Ghost Knife fish, a rehomed plec and some seveums, looked awesome. Also had a 30l with some bumble bee gobies, as they had no brackish system and therefore the BBG wouldn't survive.
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    Small Tank - External Filter And Heater

    I'd recommend the fluval 105. You can turn down the flow, but I've got it full pelt in my 30l and my Betta is fine.
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    Is This To Much Stock For A Tank?

    If I were you I'd bring the filter from the 65l into the 180 with the tetras, since it should be able to deal with their bioload.
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    Restocking My 60L

    Due to a combination of old age and internal bacteria my 60l has been left with a rather sorry looking stock list: 8 Ember Tetra 2 Pygmy Corys 1 Lampeye Killifish Simply, I'm looking to up the schools and add a bit of activity and colour to the tank - I'm thinking: 8 Ember Tetra 8 Pygmy Corys...
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    Bumblebee Gobies And Tankmates

    Basically, I'm starting a brackish tank - it will either be 7 gallons or 15 gallons. Obviously for the 15 gallon I'd be looking at tankmates to go with the BBG. What are some good ideas? I've been looking a mollies, but I'm not sure if they're too big or boistrous. I've also seen the Indian...
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    Will We Die In 2012?

    The Mayan Calenders end when a major event happens to change the world as we know it, and a new age begins. The world's polarity is due to change some time soon, maybe it'll be 21/12/2012?
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    External Filter For 8Gal

    Just wondering what external filter I could use for an 8gal. Would the fluval 105 be too powerful (330lph I believe)? I guess I could find some way of slowing the flow? Just looking for an ok really, don't want my fish pushed up against the glass :lol:
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    Dwarf Puffers

    What are you feeding them?
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    Today I Went To My Favourite Lfs And...

    ... bought some landscape rock, a light and some gravel for a new DP tank. Also noticed they were looking for someone to work sat + sun :hyper: :hey:
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    Dwarf Puffer Tank

    Don't worry, this forums here to give advice :good: I don't know if you read Practical Fishkeeping, but this month's Christmas edition had a feature on Dwarf Puffers, in which they said a good rule of thumb is 5 gal for the first one, than 2-3 gallons for each subsequant DP. They also commented...
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    Dwarf Puffer Tank

    Cheers, they do look good.