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    What Breed Is Your Dog?

    I have a hound, a pit, and a dachshund.  Small, Medium, Large, and they are the cutest things ever.
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    Easiest Tropical Fish To Maintain?

    I'm just starting out, so not too big of a tank at first.  I think like a 10-20 gallon tank.  Thanks for the input, i'm going to look into those and see which one the Wife finds to be the "prettiest"...will make getting her onboard much easier.   thanks!
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    Easiest Tropical Fish To Maintain?

    I'm looking at getting an aquarium, but want to know what fish, other than a betta fish is the easiest tropical fish to maintain.  I don't want to make a mistake an cause injury to a fish, so is there a specific one that you would recommend?