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    Do Dwarf Gouramis & fancy Guppies get along?

    Ive had both in the same tank before and they got on fine, the male dwarf can be a little aggressive at times though but does no great damage, just chases other fish!
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    Just saying hello

    Hi Janice :D And welcome to the forum :D
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    Hey All Fish lovers!

    :D Hi celest :D and welcome to the forum, youll find what your looking for here im sure! Im still learning new stuff everytime i come on here. :D
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    guppy fry

    :D Hi peeps, Just a quick question, has anyone ever had guppy fry before that have not developed any colours??? I'd say 60% of my fry have not developed any colour and there 3 months old now, any ideas? :dunno:
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    Anyone heard of Dwarf Platys before?

    dunno, think i may have seen em b4 but then again im not 100% sure of this :dunno:
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    Guppy Combo

    sounds good to me :thumbs:
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    What makes a fishtank look natural?

    no tacky plastic divers!!!
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    Can I feed my fish dead brine shrimp?

    You should be able too, But to be on the safe side I wouldnt leave it too long, or freeze them in ice cube trays and use them when ever needed :thumbs:
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    How long do brine shrimp live??

    Ive kept some before for well over a year!!! :P They even bred between them selves! and had babys!
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    Ghost Shrimps

    In the past I have kept 5 ghost shrimp in my community set up WITH neons and other small fish WITH NO deaths caused by the ghosts......I find it hard to beleive that they have the power to kill even the smallest of fish????
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    TV tank

    :) Yeah Ive been thinking about making a tank out of an old pc moniter :D Ive seen one b4 they look cool!
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    Happy to be here!!!

    :D Welcome to the forum :D
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    IS there ANY food that stays at the top or middle?

    For surface food, you could try one of those feeder bowls/things! you fill them with blood worm they stick to the side of your tank, any position. (with a sucker) sorry if im not making much sense! basically they have holes in em so fish can get to the food when and if they want it.. DOES...
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    Oh my god

    My bamboo's have just shed there skin!