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    Small sponge filters

    I may end up using the single sponge filter version of the first photo, if I can think of a good way to keep it in place. The suction cups never seem to work for very long.
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    Small sponge filters

    I’m looking for some small sponge filters that will function well in 3” or less of water. Any suggestions?
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    Lemon tetras and mollies

    How do you think lemon tetras and mollies would do together? Any specific issues that I should be watching for?
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    Happy Thanksgiving 😀

    Happy Thanksgiving NannaLou.
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    Springtails are driving me crazy

    I would leave them. They clean up uneaten food and other organic matter in your tank. They aren’t going to spread around your room, unless your room is covered in wet leaves and lizard poop.
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    Green and Golden bell frogs

    Right now, I only have a Nigerian clawed frog (tropicalis) and a few native toads.
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    Crazy Stories Thread

    Something very similar happened to me a few years ago. I travel quite a bit on business. My last stop on this particular cold winter afternoon was in a small town in Wisconsin. After my meeting, I decided to stop and take a look at the small city owned zoo. I had the whole place to myself. It...
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    Green and Golden bell frogs

    I do, but I’ve never kept the species you mentioned.
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    Crazy Stories Thread

    When I was a young adult, 18-19 years old or so, I was living with my parents. On summer weekends, they went to their lake cottage, while I stayed home alone. I was working a retail job at the time. By "alone", I mean that I usually had friends over on Friday and Saturday nights, as would most...
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    The Tea Lovers Thread

    Plain or’ Lipton for me, generally. But on chilly afternoons like today, I like Tazo herbal teas, usually the fruity ones.
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    Coffee Lover’s Corner Next to the Tea Room

    I no longer drink coffee- Dr. orders- but when I did, I loved the chocolate flavored varieties. I also liked Jamaican blue mountain.
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    Gouramis with swordtails

    I’m considering putting Swordtails in a tank with an opaline gourami. Thoughts? Anything I should consider first?
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    The TFF General Aviation Thread (those things with wings)

    I’m not a pilot, but I’ve thought plenty about becoming one. I enjoy playing flight simulator on my computer. Some years ago, I went in to a small flight school near where I lived. I told them I wanted to take one of their planes up. One of the instructors asked if I was licensed. I said no, but...
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    Pearl weed. The ultimate easy grower.

    How does it do in a cold water tank?