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    Best petstore visit ever

    So, 50 and 60 year old men can't be romantic, EllRog???
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    Any lizards for coldwater aquariums?

    There aren't any lizards or newts that could reasonably be kept in a one gallon aquarium.
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    If you had a time machine ...

    First, I'd go back about 40 years. I'd have today's copy of the Wall Street Journal with me, and would make a few choice investments. Then, I'd go back to the late 1800's, to see what the country and wildlife was like before so much was destroyed.
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    What are differences between aquariums owned by rich people vs aquariums owned by poor/normal people?

    The rich people I know usually don't have much time for hobbies, such as fish keeping. They are busy working.
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    Enclosed self-sustaining jar environment

    Scuds are also detritus feeders- fish food, plants, soft vegetables. I haven't had much luck culturing them, but then, I haven't tried very hard.
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    Enclosed self-sustaining jar environment

    Rivers and streams often have scuds, aka Gammarus. I find them under rocks or in vegetation in moving water.
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    Enclosed self-sustaining jar environment

    I culture locally collected daphnia as feeders for newt larva. They require green water, which can be made by putting some dead vegetation from an aquarium into a jar, and placing it in strong light. They reproduce relatively quickly, but must be harvested regularly- cultures easily crash from...
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    Whats your favorite tetra and why?

    Lemon tetras- I just like the way they look.
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    50 years later and starting again. Maybe.

    If you want fish, do it. Solve the little problems as they arise. You only go around once.
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    Word Association Game

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    anyone keep reptiles

    I couldn't possibly narrow it down to just one species. Probably couldn't even narrow it down to ten.
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    anyone keep reptiles

    I have a fairly diverse collection of reptiles and amphibians. I have a life long interest in them, and they are a much bigger hobby for me than fish keeping.
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    ISO: Tadpoles

    If they do not come into contact with other amphibians while in captivity, and if they are released at their point of origin, then you are probably safe. Although, you should probably check your state laws. In many states, releasing amphibians after a certain period of time in captivity is...
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    Hymenochirus Frog

    They should be fine. Personally, I would keep the water shallow so that the frogs could more easily surface for air, but it probably isn't necessary. I would recommend lots of aquatic vegetation for climbing, hiding, and resting. Do not keep fish with them.
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    Red-Eared Slider/Small Terrapin Care

    The 4" rule was enacted in 1975. Red eared sliders, as well as others, were being sold cheaply in huge numbers, primarily as toys for children. As such, children were sticking them in their mouths, and getting salmonella. Thus, the law. Breeders continue to breed and sell baby turtles to...