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Last year, my daughter moved back in and brought her fish tank. I said "ew, not in the living room! Put it someplace I don't have to look at it."
Then she worked a bunch of double shifts, so I took care of it for a while. And... four tanks later, here we are. Lol.
I also like to garden, meditate, write, and tell my dog she's the prettiest stinky dingo I ever did see.
Chattanooga, TN
Real Name
My Aquariums & Fish
36 bowfront, planted with gravel. Aqueon HOB with sponge instead of cartridges.
A growing number of guppies (but 0 Oscars), 10 ember tetras, cherry and Amano shrimp, one international snail of mystery.

10 gallon with plants and gravel, sponge filter. One platinum and black plakat Betta named Crowley.

55 gallon with dirt from my yard, sand and stones from my stream, and fallen branches as driftwood. A sponge filter and an Aqueon HOB with foam instead of cartridges. Plants, of course.
2 rusties- Iodotropheus sprengerae
1 stuartgranti flametail, mdoka
1 stuartgranti blue regal, cobue
1 jacobfreibergi lemon Jake
1 jacobfreibergi eureka red
1 white lab- labidochromis caeruleus
13 rosy barbs
2 bristlenose plecos

75 gallon-- brand new and to be determined... if the 55 turns into a "learning experience," I want another tank ready to juggle with.


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