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    I hear ya. I have 2 kiddos now with the youngest almost 3 months old. Been crazy lol. My poor...

    I hear ya. I have 2 kiddos now with the youngest almost 3 months old. Been crazy lol. My poor fish have been so neglected
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    Hey! How's it going? Long time no see.

    Hey! How's it going? Long time no see.
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    Finally remembered my login info!

    Finally remembered my login info!
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    Small Betta Tanks

    I agree, much too small. Plus, with the way the water feature works there, you can cross contaminate all your fish in there with an illness if someone gets sick. It looks nice, but I don't think it's practical. I wouldn't do any less than 2.5 gals for a betta. (Breeders use smaller amounts of...
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    Trimming Betta's Tail.

    He's resumed tail biting since, but he's now in a 10 gal tank with some plants and snails and his tail is growing out some, just a bit lopsided lol. But he's alive and healthy, so that's all that matters.   I used a scalpel and had him on a tiny layer of water on a plate.    Still looking for a...
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    Trimming Betta's Tail.

            From this last one, he grew his fins out nicely. No more signs of infection. I couldn't find the true after pictures lol.
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    Trimming Betta's Tail.

    I had to do this recently with a Double Tail male I have. He has been a tail biter despite everything I've tried with him, since I purchased him.  A few months ago, he shredded his tail (hence his name Shredder).  Despite warm pristine water, Indian Almond leaves and TLC, his fins became...
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    My Betta Sorority

    Loving how the sorority is finally looking! Lots of new girls added recently, bringing my numbers back up to 16, plus 2 young BN plecos. Need some more plants of course (can never have too many).
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    Heaters Never Work! Or Do They?

    Sorry, I didn't notice that! To verify for sure your heater is working, you definitely need to invest in a thermometer. Tis the only way to verify your temperatures. :)
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    Heaters Never Work! Or Do They?

    Do you have a thermometer to double check the temperature?
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    Rescued Abandoned Chicken

    Shame you're so far away. I'd love to take her off your hands! Glad she'll be able to go to a new home soon though! She looks like a young Rhode Island Red girl.
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    "view New Content"

    I am having the same issue, however, when I click on the correct option I want for all forums and click save, nothing happens. I have cleared my cache in both browsers that I use, but to no avail.   edited to add; please disregard. Got it working! :)
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    My New Betta Falx Pair

    Yea..That's why the female was in the net was so I could get him to eat before she decided to jump him xD. I was going to keep them separate for about a week, but she changed things around a bit xD
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    My New Betta Falx Pair

    Finally, he released everyone a couple of days ago. He still wouldn't eat in the breeder net, so I caught the female and swapped them. Got him to eat like a pig using some grindals, yay! 2 days later, I got home from work and guess what? The female had jumped the net and they had spawned. He is...
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    My New Betta Falx Pair

    Just got done pulling fry from the breeder net. I lost count somewhere around the 35-40+ mark. He is still holding, and is uninterested in food at this time. Wish he'd hurry up and let everyone go! haha