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    Any suggestions for low light plants that grow tall?

    Cryptocoryne usteriana. Once established, it does not require high light. Grows very tall, bending over 5-6 inches in 21” high tank. Colonizes bottom (runners) readily.
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    40G Marineland Breeder Glass Tops ~ Where to Find?

    Good luck! You may need a provision for plexiglass/polycarbonate bowing, which is always always the case.
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    40G Marineland Breeder Glass Tops ~ Where to Find?

    Yes. Just have a piece of glass cut and glued it to the frame; you can do it on top, or underneath. Underneath is better because that way the glass top sits perfectly on the top of the tank, instead of not sitting flush. If you prefer, it does not need to be glued; it can just sit n top, but you...
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    40G Marineland Breeder Glass Tops ~ Where to Find?

    Sorry for the glass too blues. At least at my local Home Depot, what they carry on glass is pitiful nowadays, with only very thin glass. You are better off going to a glass place. However, I believe your best option is to make a center brace (cut glass and silicone), and purchase a 2 piece...
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    40G Marineland Breeder Glass Tops ~ Where to Find?

    I just bought a TopFin glass top for one of my oldish 40b (no center brace). Bought it at PetSmart. Fits perfectly. Even thought it does not require a center brace, I glued a piece of glass as a 'center brace', simply to avoid that occasional falling-of-the-whole-top-thing into the tank, when...
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    unknown growth in the bottom of tank

    It is not algal, but I believe probably fungal. I have seen that before in newish wood and it is harmless if removed relatively soon. I scrape it off and suck it during water changes. Generally it does not come back more than a couple of times until the wood 'ages'. It is probably harmless even...
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    Pre-filter too loose

    I like it too!
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    Discus eggs

    Good luck! Very exciting!
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    Pre-filter too loose

    I goes around the filter intake, no need of any other prefilters. It is a piece of plastic window screen that has been cut to an appropriate size and folded so that it surrounds the intake. It is held with a rubber band. It allows unrestricted flow to the intake, but it does not suck in pieces...
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    Pre-filter too loose

    This may work for you, and can be made out of stuff you probably have around the house. This is what I use in all my filters and works wonderfully. Plastic mesh screen and rubber bands. Examples shown for 3 different kinds of filter intakes (Penguin, Fluval FX6, Aquaclear)
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