Northeastern USA
My Aquariums & Fish
I was in the hobby for several years back in the 90s. After a 14 year respite, i have returned to fishkeeping and have been back in the hobby for 7 years.

My 35 gallon is stocked as follows: 4 black skirt tetra, 2 neon tetra, 3 harlequin rasbora, one BN pleco

My 29 gallon is stocked with: 2 spotted corys, 7 tiger barbs and 1 bolivian ram, 1 BN pleco named Nessie

My 5 gallon tank: 1 Betta named Marley...he likes his privacy and likes Reggae music. :) His diet is Northfin Betta bits and freeze dried bloodworms. He enjoys sitting on an anubias plant on top of an upturned long-stemmed wine glass.


"Fisherman's Paradise"

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