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    Baby angel fish

    I have 2 now. :)
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    Baby angel fish

    Yes. From breeding box to 20 gallon tanks
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    Baby angel fish

    I have 15 from first batch. 70ish from second and then I lost count of the 3rd batch after lol
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    Vote Now! - August 2022 Fish of the Month Contest (Plecos)

    Meet with Mr googly eye :) Not sure what else I could say other than he is a peaceful pleco that will keep the tank crystal clean the entire time. Definitely become the biggest guy in the tank through the last year or so. But is super chill and gentle. Everytime when I feed other fish. Mr...
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    Fishjasonle - August 2022 Tank of the Month Winner (31 Gal and larger)

    im currently working on a Dutch style one like the one you had. It really will require some patient in waiting the plant to grow. Haha.
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    Baby angel fish

    From wiggler to little star.
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    Baby angel fish

    Angelfish egg all hatched. From wiggler to little fry only took about 5 days. :) Now I'm breeding over 200 baby angel fish. Interesting 🙂
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    Vote Now - August 2022 Tank of the Month Contest (31 gal & larger)

    Avatar floating island tank Size 150 gallon Filter. Forza UV 13 plus a hang on back filter Plant. Mainly moss and anubias and bucephalantra S repen and some carpet plants from seed. Stone and feature: dragon stone. Volcanical floating rock, ryo stone for the water(sand) fall Fish: 150 neon...