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    Convict/jaguar Cichlid

    Curious why do you think they wouldn't be healthy? I'm not a fan of this hybrid though. I've seen a couple pics and videos of them before Ill try to find one. There is a bunch of videos of con/jag fry too.
  2. FishFreak95

    Black Convict/severum Hybrid?

    Blood parrots are not part severum at all... Any possibility the blood parrot is the female? Severum hybrids are rare, I've only seen one real sev/con hybrid.
  3. FishFreak95

    Tropical Parrot Fish

    Your right. Like I mentioned before, not all are disabled several breeds of hybrids who have the same ancestry suffer no ill effects of the hybridization. The bad thing is that blood parrots are the fish of choice to be dyed and tattooed. The best thing we can do for our hobby is not to remove...
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    February 2012 Pet Of The Month Winners Is.........

    Whoa I won! Thank to everyone who voted for me :D The other pictures were really good too :)
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    Can I Use Beach Sand?

    I've always hear that it a load of crock
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    Goldfish Slime Trail?

    A hair stuck on it? Just pull it off
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    Beautiful snake! I can hardly wait till mine reaches that size. Do you know what year he was born? How long have you had him?
  8. FishFreak95

    Parrot Fish Help Please!

    Is there any male Central American Cichlids in the tank?
  9. FishFreak95

    Tropical Parrot Fish

    LOL! I agree the Blood Parrot should be taken off the market. And replaced by its less - none deformed relatives, Mammons, ingots, King Kongs, and Rose Queens :D They are all Red Devil/midas Synspilum hybrids. I don't think the site you listed is very credible. They don't know what a Blood...
  10. FishFreak95

    Dyed and Hybrid Fish..what we all should know

    Ok. the main thing I don't get is why dyed fish are placed in the same category as hybrids. Blood parrots(which are Synspilum red devil midas hybrids, NO severum what so ever) are pretty much the retarded cousins of Rose queens, Red Mammons, Red ingots, and king kong parrots, all of whom...
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    Best Dithers And Target Fish?

    What do you think the best dithers are for Small cichlids? large? Target Fish for small cichlids? large?
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    Veil Tailed Ram ?

    I like the look of it, but nipping could be a problem. my lace(vieltail) angels fins are in perfect shape and dont slow him down at all :) I think you just have to be careful picking tank mates.
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    Rainbow Cichlids

    Any one keep them? I don't have any but would love to see pictures of yours :)
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    New Task Telling A Red Devil And A Midas Apart

    Most red devils or midas you see in stores are hybrids of the two making it darn near impossible to tell them apart! :grr: Red devils have thicker lips and a longer body and have no to very little nuchal hump(kok or the hump on there head). Midas generally shorter, stockier bodies than RD they...