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    2 weeks of cloudy water but good parameters

    I would expect a bacterial bloom to be short lived,maybe 3 to 4 days.Does the water smell?
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    pH mystery

    It would help to have a stable pH in order to work out water change amounts and how frequent.I will have to increase the amount of changes I do a week,but take less out with each water change.This is the simplest answer. Now here’s a question Colin. If I add the shells a bit at a time like you...
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    pH mystery

    What’s bothering me is why? I don’t mind the pH being at 6,but there are issues with putting new fish in,especially if there’s any weakness,which has happened a couple of times. The plot thickens though.I went to a friends this morning,who lives a few streets away.He has two tanks,a 200 and a...
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    pH mystery

    I’ve been trying to work out the issue with the pH of my aquarium water for some time now,but I still can’t work it out. The pH of the tank dropped to 6,and this happened quite suddenly after changing the gravel out and replacing it with sand.Since then (months ago) the pH has been dropping from...
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    My First Attempt at a Planted Aquarium

    Your tanks coming along great.The hygrophila is a very fast growing plant,just watch how much you trim off of it as taking too much off can shock it and stall its growth rate. Pentazona barbs are a great fish to have in a tank,very strong fish (health wise).I’ve never had any problems with mine...
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    Forrest scape.

    I chose the hobby and therefore chose the work involved,which probably isn’t any more labouring than the average aquarium Rocky998. There’s plenty of swimming room for each species,as not all species will be active at the same time,for example the plecostomus are 100% nocturnal and I hardly...
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    Phosphate questions

    I’ve never seen anubias as a house plant either,but it’s good to know. The problem I have will probably be with the light,as I seen an anubias leaf that was half brown,like a line drawn across it.The brown half was in the light,but the other half which was perfectly green was shaded by a leaf...
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    Phosphate questions

    I have roughly 8 anubias in there,along with three 1 2 grow Java moss pots and two bunches of heudelotii bolbitis. I don’t add anything in regards to fertz,or any other chemicals for that matter.The filter is rated 1550l per hour flow rate and there’s a power head 5000 l per hour.That’s...
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    Forrest scape.

    Wills You are so correct wills,it’s a balancing act between keeping the tank ok for the corys ,the rams and the barbs. To be honest I doubt it’s possible,but I try my best to keep it as near as it possibly could be.So far the rams have survived for 9 months without any problems,but only time...
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    Phosphate questions

    My tap water contains 0.6 phosphate and I’m sure this is what’s affecting the anubias and ferns as they have always had brown stains on them that I can rub off. Obviously I can’t solve the problem with water changes because there will always be 0.6 phosphate. Can a uv light help eliminate this...
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    Here I go again 150 gallon reset.

    Tank looks very nice indeed
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    18 Gallon WCMM and Corydoras River Scape

    Looks great with the fresh water mussels,nice touch.
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    180Litre community tank progress

    What a great looking aquarium.The plants are bushier than a fox’s tail,and so green,something that’s not easy to achieve.well done,I’m sure the fish will be happy in there.
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    Forrest scape.

    The rams have been ok wills,but not sure what you mean by how do they fare.Do you mean temperament towards other fish or other fish temperament towards them?What are the rose like sharks,do you mean the denison barbs? The fish stock is Ruby barbs. 5 Tiger barbs. 5 Denison barbs. 17 Gold barbs. 6...