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    Is my new female guppy pregnant?

    I don't see any photo, but if she is rubbing her body against things, it could be a sign of illness. Please post a new photo and a short video of her. Also, what are your water parameters?
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    Betta Update.

    I'm sorry to hear about Blaze. I hope he gets better!
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    RIP, Popeye

    I'm really sorry for your loss :rip:
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    Check This Out!

    I heard about these bettas a few days ago. It really makes me mad because GloFish is making these bettas (and the other glofish) look like toys, which will promote bad fish care. What really annoys me about this though, is that, through these globettas, they are now selling globetta fish flakes...
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    Winner!...Fishforums February 2020 Tank of the Month

    Congratulations! Very well deserved win. I'm totally jealous of your tank ;)
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    Are Ferts Sufficient?

    Yes, mine loves zucchini. He will take the slice and drag it into his favorite hiding spot to eat it. ^_^
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    Judging form the size of the head, I' thinking it's probably a male. I'm not a flowerhorn expert though, so maybe someone else can give you a definite answer.
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    Are Ferts Sufficient?

    I am aware of how big most plecos can get. However, the pleco I have is a clown pleco and will only grow to 3 inches. I agree, most fish stores do tend to push plecos on everyone who walks into the store, but luckily I go to a fish store that cares a lot about the fish they are selling, and if...
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    Are Ferts Sufficient?

    My gravel is definitely smaller than pea gravel. The only fish that lives on the substrate is the pleco, which I don't think has any special substrate requirements. If it does, please let me know. Thank you for all your help!
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    Are Ferts Sufficient?

    Wow, I guess there's a lot more to aquarium plants than I originally thought. I'm going to research the different types of chain swords a little more and find out which one would be best for my aquarium. Is there a certain type that grows better in gravel?
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    Are Ferts Sufficient?

    Do you recommend a certain brand of root tabs?
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    Are Ferts Sufficient?

    Hi everyone, I've decided that I'm going to attempt a carpet in my aquarium. I was thinking maybe a pygmy chain sword, or something similar that looks like grass. My question is, I already have substrate, so I can't switch to anything with nutrients, and I'm hesitant to start a dirted tank...
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    VOTE NOW!...Fishforums February 2020 Tank of the Month

    This is my betta tank. Size: 5 gallons Stocking: 1 male super delta betta named Mooki Plants: Valicineria, anubias, some type of bacopa (I think), anacharis, and marimo moss balls. Heating: 70 Degrees F Filtrarion: Built in filter, but I replaced the cartridge with aquarium sponge and...
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    My Filter and Heater shut off over night. What do I do?

    Ok, I'll try and change the temp. Thanks!