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    Need Help Choosing Which Fish

    I had labs a few years ago - beautiful fish. I would suggest not going with oscars - they are large, difficult, and can be intimidating. It might have just been a passing comment, but even if you plan on buying a larger tank eventually, I would stay clear.
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    Advice For Stocking My Planted 10 Gal

    I'm working on the same project right now - a small 10g planted tank. I was thinking 8 neon tetras, and maybe.. not sure yet?
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    I Never Thought It'd Be This Difficult..

    .. to take down a tank! I took down my 55G today, and it was a nightmare! It took forever too. And was messy. And smelly. It's especially weird since I have this huge empty space in my room. I use to be VERY limited to were I could put things... but now I'm not. Haha. I only have a 12G nano...
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    That's crazy. You're crazy. :)
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    Stocking Again!

    I'm in the same delma. I have three 10G tanks in my attic that are calling my name. I was thinking some sort of tetra/livebearer arrangement. Sometimes you can even get away gouramis. Dwarf maybe? I would have a small schoal of bottom feeders. They like groups, so don't just keep one. I'm...
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    Why thanks! I'm actually planning on setting up my 2.5G again and buy some fancy male. I think the reason I got rid of all of them was because I got very overwhelmed and needed a break. Plus this summer might be a LONG one. Haha. It was some of you guys' faults that I ended up with SO many...
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    New To Forums, Not To Fish

    I second that.. Welcome! And this is certianly one of the best places for learning new information!
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    Help Decideing What Type Of Fish To Get

    I would suggest some pearl and opaline gouramis. Those were my first fish, and man were they fantastic. I don't know which "level" they'd be considered, but they were very simple to keep healthy and active. And what beautiful fish they are! I believe the both grow up to 5", but you might wanna...
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    It's been a LONG while, hasn't it? :) I was doing some major overhauling on all my tanks today, and I'm at a point to where all I can do is wait. So I decided to jump back on here. As of right now, all my betas are either deceased or happily living with someone else. The only one I kept track...
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    Water Change

    As do I. It wouldn't be the plastic that would cause the problems.
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    Out Of The Loop

    So many, many months ago I purchased and set up a 12G nano cube DX. I added the LR and LS, and some sort of odd concoction that some fellows on here encouraged me to. (I'm totally blanking on the terminology and names, so please excuse me) Anyways, when it came time to finally add the fish, I...
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    Water Change

    The plastic is not - however, whatever was previously stored in the containers may be. The buckets may be "clean," but what did you use to clean them?
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    Where Is Everyone?

    Hahaha.... asian. :)
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    Where Is Everyone?

    I do too. But I never said there was anything wrong with visiting more than one forum...? Where did that come from? That's what you think. :shifty:
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    Where Is Everyone?

    Turns out people like Synirr, Styx, Bettabelieveit, Jols, Saucy... the list goes on. (For you new betta people, these are the people that I was talking about when I said "betta gang." They're the serious betta addicts/breeders. They know bettas inside and out.) Anyways, they all went to a...