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    Horned Nerite

    Wear and tear; pH less than 7.0; soft water. They all contribute. If your snail is recently bought, I would also add rough handling/tank cleaning by the shop to the list.
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    Horned Nerite

    Yes. I bought a zebra nerite and one of those red ones with black markings that you see called red onion or tyre track in July 2011. This is a photo I took of the zebra nerite in October 2018, as you can see it's badly eroded but it's still crawling round the tank 15 months later. The white...
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    Active .vs. Non active members?

    Like Deanasue, I am also retired so I can spend as much time on the forum as I like :)
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    Winner!...Fishforums February 2020 Fish of the Month

    Congratulations, a lovely fish.
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    What do you think is the best product line for freshwater aquariums. API seachem fluval ECT.

    Like Byron, I use API Tap Water Conditioner. The only other thing I add to my tanks is Seachem Flourish (comprehensive supplement) for the plants at half the recommended dose. The shelves at the pet store are full of unnecessary products because the companies that make them are in it to make...
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    how to raise alkalinity

    Baking soda shouldn't be used with fish in the tank. It is sodium hydrogen carbonate and fish have not evolved to cope with a lot of sodium in the water. As CryptFan asked, why do you want to raise the KH? GH pH and KH are all tied together. You can't alter one without altering all three, and...
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    Does anyone have any knowledge on non-aquatic invertebrates?

    We just have a spider which lives behind a cupboard and every so often goes for a walk round. Then there's the woodlice that seem to get in one at a time, they are disposed of when I see them. Outside, the compost bin is full of woodlice and what are obviously several different species of slug -...
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    Horned Nerite

    It's just where the outer surface of the shell has eroded. All my snails have areas like that on their shells, with the 8 1/2 year old zebra nerite having a large amount of eroded shell. Judging by my nerites, it doesn't seem to affect them, just makes them look not quite perfect.
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    Active .vs. Non active members?

    As you can see from my joining date, I've been a member for a long time. For the first few years I didn't log on much but I visited the forum regularly to read. I was learning as much as I could. After a few years, I had gained enough knowledge to feel comfortable posting and that's when I...
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    Sick betta! :(

    Yes we do. And the thing with the engine underneath is a bonnet. They probably date back to the days of horse drawn coaches, which were not as long distance as those needed in a country the size of the USA.
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    Sick betta! :(

    There are all sorts of language differences that I usually remember like saying to use tights/pantyhose as filter inlet covers. I forgot the torch/flashlight one ;)
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    Sick betta! :(

    Ooops, forgot you call them something different :D
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    Possible lymphocystis, not sure though.

    That looks so familiar. Several years ago one of my bettas had growths like this. I too assumed it was lymphocystis but I have told since that it was actually tumours because the lumps were not white like a cauliflower. Does the lump sort of deflate then grow back even bigger? I never found any...
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    Can you help me listing all med for fish

    Most fish diseases are caused by poor water conditions and keeping the fish in unsuitable tanks. If you keep the fish in an appropriate tank which is well maintained, you shouldn't need medications. Using a quarantine tank for all new purchases will prevent an infection entering the tank from...
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    Trouble keeping plants alive in low light

    I have low light, slow growing plants attached to wood and they don't have problems even with just about the entire surface covered with water sprite. Java fern (I have the windelov variety) several species of anubias Bolbitis heudeloti two species of bucephalandra. bits of java moss attached...