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  1. emma12321

    Whoa! Not Good! - Got Virus From This Site!

    my computers knackered too unfortunatly i don't have the funds for someone to fix it :(
  2. emma12321

    Eggs On Glass

    sounds like cory eggs, when mine lay eggs i roll them off with my finger and float them in a plastic tub with an airstone in the main tank they hatch in about 4 days
  3. emma12321

    Can Anyone Recommend A Good Sand?

    I've just changed a 4 ft over from gravel to sand, i used argos and never washed it just lowered it into the water carefully and its was slightly cloudy but could still see the fish swimming about, completely clear next day, avoid BnM sand, its full of bits and really dirty i'm gonna chuck mine...
  4. emma12321

    Big Cory

    bronze corys get closer to 3 inches than 2 i have one thats at least 12 year old and is huge next to the rest of the corys edit. and yes its a cory not a brochis before someone say it
  5. emma12321

    Yoyo Loaches

    nope they get too big and need to be in groups
  6. emma12321

    Anyone Know Anthing About Yellow Rainbow Fish

    they should also be in groups of 6+ so wouldn't recommend it rainbows are a very active fish i have boesmani, blue, red and parkinsoni rainbows in my 5 ft tank and they are never still.
  7. emma12321

    Injured Pleco

    i recommend the lobsters get their own tank because its only a matter of time before hey kill everything in the tank
  8. emma12321

    Proven Breeding Pair Of Sturisoma Aff Festivum (Hull)

    which area of hull are you from so i can multimap it :hey:
  9. emma12321

    Bought A 2Nd Hand Biorb

    if you don't mind seeing a small filter in the tank i would get rid of all the crap on the bottom and the filter that comes with it and then you use your own filter, can use sand, plants and have fish that like it on the bottome of the tank, pygmy corys swim around as much as they stay on the...
  10. emma12321

    My Juwel 180....

    great pics any full tank shots ?
  11. emma12321

    Tetra Shoaling

    i have about 16 of each in a 5ft tank and they don't mix they stick to their own shoals :good:
  12. emma12321

    Chinese Hi-Fin (Hi Fin) Banded Shark

    don't think these are allowed to be inported into the UK now they look like a giant poo when fully grown so pretty nice fish as youngsters
  13. emma12321

    Svas Auction This Sunday 27Th March In Rotherham

    FISH SHOW AND AUCTION To be held at: Reach (Ferham) Ltd opposite St Pauls Church Masborough off Devonshire Street Rotherham South Yorkshire S61 1BD Benching 11.30 - 1 Auction and judging 1.30 for further info
  14. emma12321

    Is It Just Me Thats This Sad?

    the one on embarassing bodies pees me off the most, a biorb stuffed to the brim with big goldfish
  15. emma12321

    Pitbull Plecos And Amazon Swords

    :blink: i have 6 pitbulls in a planted tank and they don't touch mine either