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    2 Fish Carcasses, 2 separate tanks, no idea what's to blame

    When I got home yesterday from spending 2 days at my dads I found a completely bare fish skeleton in my 55 gallon which belonged to my young apistogramma Borelli. After examining my other two tanks, I found another bare fish skeleton in my 20 gallon long belonging to my female apistogramma...
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    What are my siamese algae eaters doing?? (Video attached)

    Do they pair off to mate? I was under the impression they only mated in groups in absolutely perfect conditions or in the wild.
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    What are my siamese algae eaters doing?? (Video attached)

    I am aware of the algae eater issues, but I'm almost 100% positive I have true (or at least almost true) siamese algae eaters. If I don't, I wasted a couple hours of driving to get them 🥲 It would be pretty cool if it was breeding behavior, I wish I knew for sure.
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    What are my siamese algae eaters doing?? (Video attached)

    Will do! I've been struggling since I got them to find information. Apparently there isn't much we know definitively. Some have told me they absolutely need to be in groups of 6, others have said they're best off alone and (like the store I bought from) some say they 2-3 is a perfect number...
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    If not Fin Rot, what is it?

    I agree it looks like it could be some plastic plants or something... what else do you have in the tank?
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    Whaddya do?

    I'm a high schooler but I do a lot of babysitting (when COVID isn't existent), and tutor kids with intellectual disabilities via zoom.
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    What are my siamese algae eaters doing?? (Video attached)

    In my 55 gallon aquarium I have 2 siamese algae eaters (I now know I need more, but the store I bought them from said it'd be fine to start with 2; I'm currently stuck searching for a few more in the middle of winter with no local fish store or aquarium club). The 2 I do have, however, have been...
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    Random Discussion

    I'm so sorry you're feeling this way, and even more sorry there seems to be no one with you right now but you do have a community here. Please keep pushing despite COVID and political turmoil and lost loved ones and bad health days.
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    Starting up again.

    Cool! Welcome to the forum
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    New here & questions about fish per tank!

    This is true of both anubias and java fern but only if you don't bury the rhizome which is a mistake a lot of beginners make. Good point about the heater - could use the one in the tank temporarily
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    Baby Harlequin Rasboras??

    Can't believe I went so long not knowing he even existed 😳 Glad he's all safe now, thanks for all the help
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    Baby Harlequin Rasboras??

    Thanks! I wonder how I missed him for so long lol. I'll leave him in there until he can defend himself.
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    Overfeeding tetra?

    I can't help you with your problem, but that's a beautiful tank! Absolutely gorgeous fish 😍
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    Can anyone identify this snail?

    Ah, yes now I see them. Looks like some beautiful little pond snails to me!
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    New here & questions about fish per tank!

    Welcome to the forum! Way to reach out to make sure you're doing what's best for your fish. At some point you will have to rehome the pleco... they get massive (assuming it's a common Plecostomus). You'll want a school of at least 6 corydoras. They're really great in groups and you have the...