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    Lavender saddle back yellow tail

    Well, you are sure doing an excellent job on the hobby and breeds! As per our discussions, your knowledge is invaluable, thanks again! I’ll continue to follow all your posts, at 63 yrs. old I’m still learning and anything I can learn is appreciated as well as everyone on this forum! Fyi, my one...
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    Lavender saddle back yellow tail

    Stan, is that one of yours? It’s awesome! -Ed-
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    Complete beginner

    Agree with Emerald, it appears you have black/ dark stones, if not really washed and drained ,re-washed again, the “stuff” from the stones will float on top of the water. To me, it looks like residue from the gravel. Try to scoop it off with a paper towel.
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    Sgooosh - November 2022 Tank of the Month Winner (31 gal & larger)

    Congrats, what a nice display! It’s a beautiful set up!
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    PH Low

    Thank you and yes, only living plant is the Java Moss which I took from my Fire Belly frog tank. I did the tank using fake plants for now because I have the mystery snail which in a small previous tank ate my living plants. I do prefer all live, but was hard to keep anything with the snail so in...
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    PH Low

    Thanks Bryon, nothing special, 2 Rasboras, 3 Guppies, 4 Neon Tetras, 2 Platys. A little over stocked for a 10 gallon, but water, health seems fine, all active, got one small hunk of Java moss growing. To me it was just weird with the low PH. I’m not one to add things to adjust, I believe in...
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    PH Low

    Not new to aquariums, been in the great hobby since late 70’s. Had fresh and salt over the years but been away for a while. Six months ago, got the itch again, bought a small 10 gallon set up after a few years of bettas, new tank, led hood, hob filter, heater, etc… Tank has been doing fine, do...
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    I have to reply, we Wrangler owners welcome the white stuff! We call it ”snow wheeling”… Any Wrangler people? Come on, I know you are out there! :banana:
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    Asian river tank

    Interesting! Beastije enjoy, more plants and maybe leaves, you are on your way! Java moss is basic, I have 3 Fire Belly Toads for years, waterfall, and Java moss. I took some out of of the Toad tank, put it my freshwater tank and it’s doing fine. Just secure it on a rock, wood,it will secure...
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    Asian river tank

    Bryon, not highjacking, but your tank looks great! What’s the deal with the leaves on the bottom? Oak leaves? That’s a nice look, not familiar with leaves. Again, I like that look.
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    How to make food into smaller pieces.

    Thanks all! Never tried it, I’ll break some up. I also use Omega flakes, I just like to give a variety once in a while with the bug bites, but did notice they sink in short order, I,ll break them up!
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    How to make food into smaller pieces.

    I have bug bites also, so is the group saying if crushed, they will float longer than in the tiny pellet form?
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    Java moss and toads

    Thanks, they are not too toxic, not like Dart frogs but can irritate your skin on some people. Maybe I’ll try the soaking idea for a week or two with water change outs. I just never like to mix things/decorations from tanks to tanks.