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    New photos of my tropical 55 gallon with live plants and a 6×6 3'deep pond

    Tropical 55 has a fluval 307 filter.just about 2 of everything 2 red fin silver dollars 2 clown knife,2cory cat 2 blue grommets 2 irrodecent sharks,3 red and blue grommets,3 plecos1 1bristle nose1" 1.5"clown pleco,1reg pleco,2 Cray fish 1 blue 1 white,1 gold fish 1 dinosaur fish.2 angel fish...
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    My time

    Tried when I started the tff to load pic of tank so I'm trying again
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    My time

    I've tried to post pics but the site isn't letting me .can you give some insight on how I can that would be awsome.
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    My time

    Thanks everyone glad to be apart of the site hope to learn new things. I have a 50 gallon tank it has a 300w heater a 40 to 90 fluval filtration and 2 Air pumps with 2 decorations each one is a house with a water wheel 1 looks like water moving through the wheel and the other looks like a old...