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    is this the rite stocking

    If the tank was mine I would raise the baby bristlenose in that tank and just keep the guppy colony
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    What type of Cory do I have?

    I'm thinking a Bronze Corydora.
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    Whats the stupidest/most useless fish related thing you have bought.

    *sigh* A small internal filter for the guppy fry.
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    Haunted porcelain dolls?

    I'll take my chances :rofl:
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    Controversial stocking?

    Hey, It's controversial. The tank did very well because it was densely planted and had very nice hides. I housed all the fish before adding them to the tank to ensure none were "super" aggressive. I'm now out of the fish hobby but that tank was by far my fav. I like to compare the stock to a...
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    Haunted porcelain dolls?

    Maybe they're haunted, Maybe they're not. Either way, I'd burn those dolls any chance I could get. 😅 Do I believe in ghosts? Depends on how many horror movies I'm watching!
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    Word Game #3

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    Word Game #3

    how is this related to Australia?
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    POTM DragonScales+Doubletails September 2022 POTM Winner

    Thanks, guys! sorry for the late reply. I've had a very painful sore throat these past days, Sunny is honored to be September's POTM.
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    Urgent!!! Betta pineconing scales and fin rot

    IMO it's definitely not dropsy, he'd probably be dead right now. Don't jump to medication, What are your water parameters?? tank mates?? depending on the cause of fin damage you could add a source of tannins to your water, it could promote growth. If you do have tank mates do NOT add ny meds to...
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    Aloha from Hawaii.

    hello welcome! I'm also a betta lover, so I guess you came to the right place :)
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    Essay on bettas.

    The only issue I have with it is the fact it changes betta to beta.
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    Floating plants for sale

    if only I still had fish tanks...
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    Vegetable Weights

    the weight doesn't matter right?? the density is what makes it float. Veggies have molecules that are further apart than liquid water so it floats right????