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    Anubias rotting roots

    This anubias arrived with unexpectedly long roots, quite thick and instead of cutting them and gluing it to a rock, I just buried the lengthy parts and as you can see left crown and plenty of root above gravel, held down by stones. I did notice last week when some of the longer roots came out...
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    Female betta companions?

    My female betta was in a community tank before with guppies and tetras. She seemed happy and active. I saw no issues except for feeding times when guppies and tetras are happy to swarm to food, and she would shy away and hated being crowded and fighting for food. I moved her to a 30 litre...
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    Amano changes

    Why do these two look so different right now? Why's just this one amano yellowish with a very thick white line when usually he looks just like the others? Another photo of the others. Another of him.
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    Young endler

    Why does this endler follow the female guppy so persistently? These young endlers and female guppies are newly added to this tank. So far I'm trying to get them to understand where the food drops in as they don't race to the food whilst my regulars do and finish it all off. I end up having to...
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    Which snails are these?

    I've only got a female betta and red/spotted snail in there. Thing is if I get an assassin snail, I need to get snails just to feed it no?
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    Two stage seive

    I bought a 75 mesh and a 200 mesh... I will try and see if they work. Bought them muuuuuch lower price in the "kitchen and cooking utensils" category of amazon than in the aquarium category... Smh. People charging 5x the price knowing it's a rare or niche hobby/tool. I usually use the light...
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    Which snails are these?

    Hi all, Short story is; there is a video link with a close up if you skip a bit, can you identify these snails? These have showed up overnight and there are 7 today after removing two yesterday. They seem like they grow a half cm per day or something as I don't see them and all of an...
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    Two stage seive

    I actually found the two stage seive net online. It says 1 is 80 micron and the other 200 micron.. Its stupidly expensive so I'm taking the advice of buying separately from a food supplier, however to ensure I have the best micron mesh size, I'm trying to find info on the size of nauplii vs the...
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    White spots on amazon sword roots

    How likely is it that it is a threat to be removed? I'm not a scientist so I cannot imagine what I'd do with a sample. Lol🧐
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    White spots on amazon sword roots

    I have a flourish root tab near the roots before they floated up out of the gravel. Could it be from the tabs?