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    Dog and Clothes

    I have a puppy and I let her wear some clothes. This dog clothing for all occasions; whether your pet likes to enjoy their warm summer days on the water or snuggled up from the coldness of winter, we have the perfect clothing item or pet accessory that will keep your four-legged friend safe...
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    Feeding fish

    I think it's better to leave that on kevfiz. Just feed the fish at the opposite end of the tank :)
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    New Fish Lover

    Oh, I see. I didn't know that it's also a predatory fish, fluttermoth. What kind of fish should I mix with a flowerhorn then?
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    New Fish Lover

    No worries, LyraGuppi :) Thanks for the tips and reminders about Arowana LOL By the way, what kind of fish do you own? :)
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    New Fish Lover

    Oh my, I think I have to think twice about buying Arowana. My second option is Flowerhorn Cichlid. I am fascinated with its protruding head. What do you think?
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    New Fish Lover

    Thanks for the reply everyone. I am considering to buy a Jardini. Thanks Ch4rlie for giving me that info and reminder. I only have a 3 ft tank as of now LyraGuppi. Gosh, I think It'll take me the whole day to clean and replace that water. Can anyone suggest a smaller species of Arowana?
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    Bare tank VS Decorations

    I guess a bit of decoration will do sawickib. Most of the times, plain and simple are the best bet. Just make sure the substrate and decorations won't occupy most of the space.
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    Can fish survive a 1-month period?

    Don't take any chances sofrofriend, my fish died a month ago because we weren’t able to replace the water for more than two weeks. What else if you won't feed it for a month.
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    New Fish Lover

    Hey everyone, I'm Diana and I'm a Newbie here. I am glad to be part of this forum. Hope I'll be able to get some good insights in taking good care of fishes. I am planning to buy Arowana for my birthday. Can you suggest what kind of food should I feed it? How about the aquarium? Should I get a...