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    Moss/liverwort ID

    Thanks for the input! So it's most Probably a riccardia variant. Went on an expedition to collect quite a few types of mosses from a waterfall resort about 2 hours away from where I live. Will be most likely posting a thread about it soon. Still looking for the ever coveted schismatoglottis...
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    Moss/liverwort ID

    Can anyone ID this moss I gathered in a waterfall a few weeks ago? Looks kinda like mini pellia but not too sure since it has a pretty solid structure. Any help would be appreciated
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    Need help with buce

    I've recently ordered buce online and they came in after 2 weeks. Originally ordered 10 pieces for a very very good price but sadly only 6 full plants made it along with 2 rhizomes without leaves. They came in pretty bad and I badly need advice on making sure they make it since these are my very...
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    8 gallon nano tank update

    It's been a while and a heck lot of work put into it but it is finally starting to come together. Planning to add some ludwigia sp white so I will be replacing the blyxa japonica. Any tips on transitioning ludwigia white to submerased form are also welcome
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    Blyxa Japonica help

    So I need a little advice. My blyxa japonica just went and produced flowers. I have read that they do this under severe stress. I just got this last Wednesday. Could it be because I got it a few days prior and it is under stress? Tank size is 6.75 gallons and lights are LEDs with output of 7 watts
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    So I just bought a co2 kit and I dont really know how to use this model in particular

    Unfortunately it didnt come with one but I kinda just watch how many bubbles come out from the diffuser before it hits the membrane. About 1 bubble per 2 seconds is what I go for since its just a 7.5 gallon tank
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    Pencil babies!

    Thanks I wasnt really planning on breeding them yet until the steel stand and tank were finished. I saw a couple more fry in there but I wasnt able to get them out
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    Pencil babies!

    So i had about 6 pencilfish in a quarantine tub for about a month. Turns out they have been making babies while on quarantine for a month! I only got 4 fry so far and put them into the neon tetra tank as I dont think the neons could eat them
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    Fungus, Ick or something else??

    Could be velvet disease. Quarantine the fish and treat with meds
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    So I just bought a co2 kit and I dont really know how to use this model in particular

    I kinda need help/a tutorial on how to use it. The model I bought was the ista 0.5l co2 kit that came with no manuals or tutorials. The valves dont even have labels does anyone here have any experience with this co2 regulator?
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    Im back(again)

    Thanks for the tips but yeah they are in a somewhat dim tank even if its outdoors. I put in a leaf or two of Indian Almond leaves to ensure the dimness and pH are there
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    Im back(again)

    Thanks haha kinda just rescaped on a tipsy whim
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    Im back(again)

    Hey guys im finally back to fishkeeping again. Havent been posting on this forum for a few years now and with the whole quarantine going on I finally have time for serious fishkeeping again Had a few tanks setup like 2 months ago and here they are 1. An indoor 7 gallon tank housing golden...
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    Snail ID

    Thanks a lot. I only know this by local name as it is native to our own waters
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    nerite snails

    If your tank has the algae to feed a small group.why not? Plus in my experience horned nerites dont go out of the tanks while the zebras I had kept disappearing so I recommend the horned nerites