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    Ghost Shrimp Is Pregnant! What Should I Do?

    I agree that natural selection is best as with other shrimps in my experience
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    What To Do If Lfs Water Is Dumped Into Your Tank

    I agree with eagles on this one. Nothing direct will work. Only some idirect options will work now
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    Help A Novice - Why Won't My Plant Grow?

    Add some excel. Java ferns also tend to lose a few leaves before growing new ones. Also they are pretty much almost impossible to kill. Just attach it to a rock or wood using string and you will be ok
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    Native Snails And Shrimp In My Country

    So recently I planned to go to a waterfall to gather shrimps, plants and snails. What methods could you teach me to catch shrimp? I have seen a few babaulti shrimps there during an outing. Also seen some rainbowshrimp and a few stiphodon species and a few plant species like riccia and some sort...
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    Plant Advice Please

    Try using flourish excel on your tank. It can help your tank grow back. I am having the same issue amd excel is helping quite a lot
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    What Should I Get In My Fluval Chi?

    The fluval chi is very small. You can check the nano section for stocking suggestions. For the plants I suggest the smaller rotala species and some monte carlo or HC.
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    Growing Lump On Bottom Feeded

    The Q tip method will just stress the fish even more. You can do it but it is a risky  move.   Try getting a different med for your fish. keep monitoring him. The lump really looks bad
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    Fin Rot

    Better get some IAL as suggested. They are natural antibiotics and can help cure your betta. also slowly monitor him for any more signs of disease incase it gets worse
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    Growing Lump On Bottom Feeded

    looks to me like your bottom feeder might be a chocolate catfish or banjo catfish. Try medicating him with whatever fish safe antibiotic your LFS has. also try adding Indian Almond leaf extract just to make sure. The tumor looks really bad. How long have you had this fish?
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    A Gift From My Anubias In Time For Christmas

    wow. I hope mine will :)
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    Plants Melting

    it will eventually grow, given the right parameters in your tank. good luck
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    Plants Melting

    just one question. did you buy it as an emmersed plant or submersed plant?
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    A Gift From My Anubias In Time For Christmas

    one question though, do the smaller species have flowers?
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    Guess Ive Been Away For Way Too Long

    sure will do Ch4rlie. an upgrade is a must. oh now I have 3 otos and 6 galaxies
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    A Gift From My Anubias In Time For Christmas

    wow. reminds me of calla lilies. so pretty