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    New here and to fishkeeping

    Wecome. Congrats on being one of the few new members that someone won't give you a lecture on overcrowding LOL :)
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    The easiest live plants to care for?

    This plant thing is odd, Moneywort (Bacopa monnieri) from petschmert is a good deal and grows great for me, the odd stalk base rots away but then it thrives as a floater. Other curse it.
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    Tetra APS 300 Pump Issue

    Typically those things have two diaphrams but the ones I have had share a manifold for the ports- So likely yes it will work.
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    How’s the weather?

    Just shoveled the driveway for the fourth time in 24hrs, sigh, this must have been another 3 inches.
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    Thread for sharing art

    I like the coneheads
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    Tell me something funny

    Hey Badger:
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    Fun Facts We Didn't Need To Know

    I guess its like 4wd on dry pavement- something HAS to give, usually tires slip- but your brakes fixed that.
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    What if I use underpower airpump

    Yes- The depth from the surface is the limiting factor in having it work. If you have a health stream of bubbles I would consider it to be working fine. I buy pretty cheap pumps and they run multiple airstones FWIW.
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    Fun Facts We Didn't Need To Know

    You cilia people!
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    Fun Facts We Didn't Need To Know

    Is Gary Listening ?; You are welcome to it
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    A Walstad Tank...

    Plants may be stand a bit straighter towards the light, but yes it looks like more
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    Unpopular Opinions (fish related)

    Everyone should have a spare air pump and some stones - just in case
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    Help! Guppies Staying on Bottom and Refusing to Eat

    Turning off the filter means the beneficial bacteria growing in that filter media will be lost
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    Random Discussion

    I do have this shirt:
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    Random Discussion

    The first few are disappointing, it does get better