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    Moving fish...

    Seems to me, as long as your water quality parameters of the tow tanks are similiar it shouldn't be a problem, other than less real estate for the Rams, go for it. but you might want to hold back the other fish till after the Rams are climatized to the tank.
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    New tank advice

    Wow talk about a fancy a decorators tank...looks nice but really only suited for small fish. In terms of tanks one should also consider the length and height too, not just gallons. The tank you are considering is very tall so fish can only get their exercise by going up and down in...
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    Live ants as food.

    I saw at a local Petco...a bottle of wingless fruit's too bad brine shrimp go to be so expensive...and hard to get.
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    aquarium sites being expensive.

    I think it's better to differentiate between general buying from Amazon vs buying directly from a company. Generally speaking in terms of live stock and plants, I prefer to actual seeing what I'm getting. For me buying plants is a gamble sometime they work, sometimes they just die off....I'd...
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    Badger's Sumatran Rice Paddy

    OMG what a great place, now to add add it to my "Visiting Japan must see list". The gallery is so very Japanese in it's esthetics and tank setups. Dang now I've got the aquascaping itch...I suspect that these projects take a lot of zen patience and learning, from what I saw there more of an...
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    Thank you :)

    Here here and here's to wishing for a much better 2021! And great toast to all you Brits on the other side of the pond have a Black and Tan at midnight....:dreads:
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    Dear Diary...

    Hey UTAR what are you waiting for't Santa fill and stock your tanks? You must have bee on his naughty list.,...LOL stay safe and have a happy new year.
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    Unpopular Opinions

    Great article but I gotta say...does this really matter? How many glofish are now an invasive species problem in the wild? And if they are more prone to predation so much the better if they escape into the wild. Unless of course eating a glofish is detrimental to the natives. Oh the other...
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    Unpopular Opinions

    LIke anything in this world ...cycling w/without fish has it's nuances...I think cycling with fish is a great way for beginners to go cuz it services that having fish itch...not everybody is patient enough to wait before adding fish, especially for absolutely first timers. But there are nuances...
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    Dear Diary...

    Have you checked your power bill yet...LOL
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    Pre-Post 29

    black skirts and serpae tetras.
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    Pre-Post 29

    yea I'm not into breeding fish per's more like happen stance I doubt I'll be getting any successful broods. Generally speaking, seems people who want to breed fish, do so in very sparse tank with nothing else in them. Community tanks don't fit that situation, but it's cool to...
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    Pre-Post 29

    Good Day All, I joined TFF back in October cuz of a 55 gal failure and a subsequent move to a 100 g. and needed to get caught up in fishkeeping after a somewhat long absence. This AM I thought I'd share a pre-post image of a 29 gal tank that was part of the 55 g cascade of events. Here's the...
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    Yay for Brexit! (this is really about aquatic plants)

    So why not make lemonade? This could be a business opportunity for someone to develop a local aquarium plant business eh....or you could just moan and groan and get artificial plants eh?
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    Hydra in my tank.

    magnificent looking fish I hope it will be a prolific breeder for you....