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    Mentoring kids on aquarium keeping

    Glad to hear your event was successful...DanC
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    Latest aquarist craze

    Personally I'd just add that to my Loch Ness Tank...
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    What Fish Do You Regret Buying?

    BBQ or grilled? LOL
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    What Fish Do You Regret Buying?

    But if think about monster fish can serve as an emergency food source in the upcoming Zombie apocalypse.... LOL
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    Upgrading to 33gal Tank

    That's probably fine you can google tank stocking guides to help determine how many fish per gallon of water. But remember those are just guides, actual stocking is also effected by the species of fish. Some species are poop machines, plue there's the filtration factors too.....quite...
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    Starting a pond

    Good luck with your pond, it's another of my wild ideas that I would someday like to act on . BUt I can't help but think a pond full of fish in my urban setting is nothing more than a buffet for the raccoons, skunks and birds in the area. Regards DanC
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    Badger's Sumatran Rice Paddy

    Ah ha...well I guess you won't be able to start your own wild rice company...LOL... I keep thinking about you and your set up, for a 40 gal breeder idea I have...something like my 18/55 conversion. regards DanC
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    Badger's Sumatran Rice Paddy

    Hey badger, it's been a while since I've been on the forum do you have a recent pic the tank and where did you get your inverts from or did they just show up with your plantings?
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    Rocks weigth / aquarium glass

    Great idea on using egg crate to distribute weight.
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    Mollies disaster!

    First of all must be doing something right your fish are breeding. You got a great on-line store if they gave you extra fish. I would wait for a bit before giving away the fry they should be a good size. But why not reach out to forums members in your local area to see if they...
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    Moving fish...

    Seems to me, as long as your water quality parameters of the tow tanks are similiar it shouldn't be a problem, other than less real estate for the Rams, go for it. but you might want to hold back the other fish till after the Rams are climatized to the tank.
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    New tank advice

    Wow talk about a fancy a decorators tank...looks nice but really only suited for small fish. In terms of tanks one should also consider the length and height too, not just gallons. The tank you are considering is very tall so fish can only get their exercise by going up and down in...
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    Live ants as food.

    I saw at a local Petco...a bottle of wingless fruit's too bad brine shrimp go to be so expensive...and hard to get.
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    aquarium sites being expensive.

    I think it's better to differentiate between general buying from Amazon vs buying directly from a company. Generally speaking in terms of live stock and plants, I prefer to actual seeing what I'm getting. For me buying plants is a gamble sometime they work, sometimes they just die off....I'd...
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    Badger's Sumatran Rice Paddy

    OMG what a great place, now to add add it to my "Visiting Japan must see list". The gallery is so very Japanese in it's esthetics and tank setups. Dang now I've got the aquascaping itch...I suspect that these projects take a lot of zen patience and learning, from what I saw there more of an...