I'm a old fart at the beginnings of the 6th decade of life. Somewhat educated with a BS in Marine Biology. Always been interested in tropical fish but only recently seriously, say 15 years ago, have had the time, inclination, and maturity to really deep dive and engage in this passion. This is great forum, wishing stuff like this existed when I first got interested, say some 50 years ago...but then back then we only had the POTs...plain old black telephone...one ringeee dinggy....take care all.
SF Bay Area CA
My Aquariums & Fish
40g Bowfront - 3 Angels, 6 Glass cats, 6 Loaches, 1 lrg (7") Common Pleco, 1 Pearl Gourami, 1 Rainbow shark, 7 Congo tetras, 3 Hillstream Loaches, 4 Scissortail Rasboras
30g Tall - 6 zebra Danios, 8 Guppies, 8 Kuhlii loaches, 2 Yo-Yo loaches, 2 Hill Stream Loaches, 3 Cories, 1 rubber lip pleco, 1 Angel, 4 Swordtails, 8 neons, 5 Glo tetras
29g - 2 Angels, 2 Cories, 5 Serpae Tetras, 5 Blackskirts Tetras,1 Rubber lip pleco, 2 mollies
100g - 1 large (10)" common Pleco, Jack Dempsey, Salvini, T-Barb, 5 Giant Danios, Orange Peacock
55/18 G - 5 Harlequin Tetra, 5 Penguin Tetra, 2 Cories, 1 Bristlenose. 6 Guppies

Yes I'm guilty of overstocking but in my defense many of fishes are rescues....and no one told my 2" plecos would turn into the Saint Bernards of the fish world and all the store said was they'll eat all the algae LOL
IT Guy on cusp of retirement


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