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<p><span style="color:#0000ff;"><strong>~~MY FISH~~</strong></span></p>
<p>When I was about 7, my parents bought my sister and me each a bowl with a male betta in it.  (No filter, heater, etc, just a plant and some gravel.)  Surprisingly, they both lived for over 2 years, but were sluggish and not exhibiting "betta glory".  Many years later, I got a 1-quart setup with another poor betta, which died after a few months.  This put me off the hobby for a while.  ("I can't raise anything...they all die.  What's the use?")  Later, in another determined attempt, I got a 1-gallon with filter - no heater, not cycled, in which 2 more unhappy fish lived their brief 1-year lifespans.  FINALLY I got a suitable 2.5 gallon betta tank with filter &amp; heater - cycled, because I finally found TFF.  Recently, I upgraded my fish to living in the 37-gallon.</p>
<p><strong>Other fish</strong></p>
<p>I also have a 37-gallon aquarium with Platys, Neon Tetras, Long Fin Red Minor Tetras, the Betta, &amp; Cory catfish (my favorites!)  Unfortunately, my aquatic idiocy came into play again, and I didn't cycle the filter except with bottled bacteria from Tetra.  Probably 10 fish died from my ignorance, but now I have a thriving community with growing plants (well, mostly...).</p>
<p>I'm still learning, and trying to help others escape the ignorance traps that I fell into.  TFF is a great site and has helped me with SO much in my fish tank journeys <img src="" title=":)" alt="smile.png">.</p>
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<p><strong><span style="color:#0000ff;">~~OTHER PETS~~</span></strong></p>
<p>In addition to my fish, I have a Russian tortoise named Myrtle, two sweet Chinese hamsters named Pippin and Sam, 3 hermit crabs (Nelly, Shelly, and Merlin), and an adorable yellow Lab, Mollie.  All of them have been with me for over 2 years (except the hamsters - 9 weeks old - eek, so cute!).  I belong to several other pet forums for them <img src="" title=":D" alt="biggrin.png">.</p>
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<p><span style="color:#0000ff;"><strong>~~ME~~</strong></span></p>
<p>LOL, it's characteristic that I saved this part till last.  I am a USA girl and my dad is just retiring from the Air Force after 23 years.  I've moved all over the place and continue to love it - so sad that we're finally settling down!</p>
<p>My dream is to become a biologist, and I am studying hard to reach that goal.</p>
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<p>Hope you enjoyed my profile...and feel free to post me question, shoot me a PM, or add me as a friend!  I don't bite!</p>

Pets! Currently have my tropical tank, Betta fish tank, hermit crab tank, hamster cage (12 square feet!), and tortoise cage.
Eastern USA
My Aquariums & Fish
37 gallon with Long Fin Red Minor Tetras, Neon Tetras, Red Wag Platys, Dwarf Gourami, Cory catfish
2.5 gallon with Betta



"In order to explore new oceans, you have to have the courage to lose sight of shore."
37 gal. planted aquarium with 11x Neon Tetra, 4x assorted Platy (2 Red Wag, 2 Tuxedo), 4x Long Fin Red Minor Tetra, 1x female crowntail Betta, 4x Cory Catfish