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    Does the Fluval Aquasky come with a print instruction manual?

    Bought one today so was researching here and your question came up, prob sorted by now, if not this may help : They say default password is 000000
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    Strohmeyer article

    Appreciate your thoughts. Turns out there's a lot more to keeping fish than I'd thought before I began .. and a lot of fine tooth combing ! I'll carry on enjoying the fish and the researching :)
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    Strohmeyer article

    Colin T & Uberhoust thanks for your time and thoughts.
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    Strohmeyer article I found this, seems sensible, plausible to me. I am very new to this hobby however. My worry, it's a site selling a product. Then researched a bit, the author appears well thought of. Do you think this is phooey or good sense ? Read it...
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    What fish is this?

    Nice pics of a good looking fish
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    I don't know much, new to this, but saw your post and for what it's worth I think your tank looks like you took time/thought to do it and it looks really cool with nice, happy looking fish
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    I call him Dyson.

    good naming :D they got that prehistoric thing going on for me, like him/her
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    Blue-eyes and Peacocks

    Great looking tank and fish
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    One eyed Peppered Cory

    Reassured, cheers both :)
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    One eyed Peppered Cory

    Hi, I have a one eyed Peppered Cory (named Rooster) bought 2 weeks ago as one of 6. Saw it had one eye after a few days. He/she seems perfectly well, bigger if anything, behaves as the rest do. I'm not worried really but as I am new to this I thought I'd post a few pics to see what people think...
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    Crazy cats

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    new member

    Sis lived in Ocean Reef in Perth for couple of years, visited there and surroundings, liked it
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    new member

    Thanks mate, good luck with it.
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    new member

    To : Essjay ; The603 ; Bruben ; JennySolano ; robmcd ; xxBarneyxx Ta very much for responding and making me feel really welcome. Big smile goes out to you all, cheers. Nice site
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    new member

    hope this works, trouble with youtube, thanks for help