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my tiktok: @chasing_fish
boyfriends tiktok (same tanks, different perspective and style): @kilk_fishy
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Real Name
My Aquariums & Fish
Right now my boyfriend and I own 22 tanks:

four standard 10 gallon tanks
three 20 longs (divided into 10 gallons on equivalent of 6 more 10 gallon tanks) but
i'm thinking about taking out the dividers and making them 20 longs again...
six 40 gallon breeders
one 50 gallon cube tank
one 65 gallon cube
one 65 gallon (standard? i guess)
two 75 gallon tanks
220 gallon monster

Fish we currently keep (in no particular order): Angelfish, discus, diamond tetras, candy cane tetras, green neon tetras, cherry barbs (regular and albino in separate tank), apistogrammas, german blue rams, guppies, blood parrot cichlids, dwarf blue gouramis, giant danios, red-tailed shark, albino rainbow sharks, bristlenose plecos, green phantom plecos, various types corydoras, bichir fish, macaw cichlids, emerald eyed rasboras, bettas, pea puffers, kuhli loaches, sailfin mollies (wild type), fancy goldfish, blue acara...that's all the fish I can think of right now. We also have various types of shrimp and snails. Tons of live plants...
FUTURE fish-store owner/operator/fish-breeder extraordinaire....this is not my current situation.


ChasingFish (aka Vickie)
Has Too Many Tanks
Believes in Deep Substrate & Lots of Live Plants


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