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    Why some L numbers are the same

    The two "L" numbers are the same species, Pterygoplichthys joselimaianus, according to all sources I have accessed. Here is the entry from Ferraris, "Checklist of catfishes, recent and fossil (Osteichthyes: Siluriformes), and catalogue of siluriform primary types," Zootaxa 1418 (2007)...
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    Help identify sex of this electric blue ram.

    If there are other blue rams (of any variety, the species is the same) you will probably know fairly soon what gender this one is, if there is a male already present anyway. Keep an eye on things, as rams must select their mates and do not always accept one another.
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    Silent cycling query!

    That does look like moss, I have some Java Moss like this. Wrap the strands around wood or rock or some decor.
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    High nitrates in tap water - help!

    You have another thread dealing with cycling a used tank. In that thread, nitrates in the tap water were stated to be 4.7 (round it up to 5) ppm. There is nothing wrong with that level provided it does not begin to increase. Are you testing the tank water or the tap water here?
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    2nd hand tank, cycled already?

    If you have fish in this tank, which I understood you do, you should not be adding anything to increase ammonia. Feed them but not overfeed, nothing more. If you are now seeing ammonia above zero, you may have an issue. I said previously, this tank is most likely cycled.
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    Silent cycling query!

    From the photos I cannot tell if that is moss or algae. But if you can remove it, no harm. Either will in time become thick enough to prevent sufficient light reaching the individual leaves which will slowly kill them. Any problem algae can only be successfully deal with by restoring the...
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    fertilizer advice please

    My attempts at finding a suitable LED (five of them) were all failures and the units went back. From what you say, the fixture you have may be good plant light on its own and I would like to explore it. Can you post the name of the unit, or a link to its data? I know about the Finnex that...
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    Some nameless corys

    I would think that the only people who can answer these questions are the individual scientists themselves. Most of them have emails identified in their papers. I have found them to be responsive to any questions I have asked them along the way with respect to their papers.
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    fertilizer advice please

    I'm wondering if the "shimmer" you are seeing is what I have seen with many LED fixtures--and wish I had! Flourescent tube light will not do this because the light is spread out the length of the tube. But the LED diodes do create a light pattern (not sure how to describe it) that is natural...
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    Confusing water parameters

    I would say you did cycle the tank. With the fish you now have, ammonia and/or nitrite would be soaring if not. Nitrate is fine as long as it stays low, as low as you can keep it (weekly 50-70% water changes, not overstocking, not overfeeding, regular filter cleaning and substrate cleaning...
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    Some nameless corys

    You're welcome. There are many scientific periodicals/journals that publish scientific papers on many aspects of science. There are hundreds I presume. If you do a search using Google Scholar and enter "corydoras" as the search, you will have 6,400 entries for scientific papers on some aspect...
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    PLEASE HELP! Multiple mistakes made, but I’m learning.

    There are some general issues mentioned in this last post (#29) for which I should be able to provide some guidance. Presumably this comment is in reference to Seriously Fish. Most of the profiles recommend minimum tank dimensions rather than volume. This is because the physical space is the...
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    How does one go about growing plant grass seeds ?

    What plant species seeds are they? They will have to be "planted" in some manner. Floating seeds might get eaten by fish depending upon the fish and the plant species.
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    High nitrates in tap water - help!

    Nitrates this high in the source water need special handling. @AbbeysDad has succeeded in this, maybe other members I cannot remember, but they will advise. A note on Prime. This is a conditioner and should not be used except to condition new (fresh) water. The buildup of chemicals is...
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    This species is a rainbowfish. It requires moderately hard or harder water with a basic (above 7) pH. A shoaling species, it needs a group of 8-10 minimum. More info: