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    Help please! Fry swimming around my 'all male' Platy tank!

    Yes I see 3 males, platy fry are very good at hiding!
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    Should we bring the goldfish and smaller koi in for the winter?

    I would move the fancies indoors and leave the koi and standard goldies in the pond.
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    Aquarium plant ID

    The second plant looks like Blyxa Japonica, the gourami looks interesting what type are they?
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    Urinating on Tomato Plants-Does it work or does it not and why?

    I have a rabbit that does a good job of fertilising my garden with his poo and pee until he ate all my tomato and pepper plants so now I have nothing to fertilise 😭
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    new betta, hiding behind filter, tips sideways

    It could be a flow issue as well, turn down the filter flow or turn it off for a bit just to see if this has an effect on the betta, they really struggle with any flow, a photo of the tank and fish will help too. I see you have mentioned the flow is gentle but his behaviour is saying otherwise...
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    One small step.....Bristol bans funfair/carnival goldfish prizes

    That's good to hear, I recently went to a fair with my 8 year old and not a single goldfish in sight as a prize thank god!
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    fish identfication

    It's a Platy by the looks of things or possibly a Swordtail, very cute!
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    I know I'm going to feel silly ... fish ID question

    I agree they def look like algae eaters of some kind.
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    Angelfish making sounds, and sexing

    Absolutely, yes they do! I have 2 adult male fully grown angelfish and they were always clicking at each other, with their mouths, it is rather loud and seems to send shockwaves through the tank scaring the other fish, I believe it is a dominance thing and a show of strength, the louder the...
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    What’s the lifespan of Cory cats? Anyone know?

    Wow! never realised Cories could live so long, I only have albino C. aeneus does this apply to albinos too? I was under the impression anything albino never has such a long lifespan as their non albino counter parts.
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    Sexing goldfish

    Based on body shape in the photos I would say the calico fish in the first photo is male and the gold female.
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    Possible angelfish pair

    They both look like females to me, I have 2 males at 2 years old and they are huge, their fins are usually held in a more vertical position if not swimming and they have more elongated tail streamers, constantly bickering with each other too, in the end I split them up.
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    Betta Slime coat/receding fin

    He may still be tail shredding but you just haven't witnessed it, sometimes they do it at night, do you know what kind of catfish you have? 29 litres will be too small for any catfish to live in comfortably, not sure about the neons but perhaps they are stressing the betta out. I would remove...
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    Betta Slime coat/receding fin

    The tank you have is fine for a single betta though I see some neons in the photos, how many do you have in there? and do you have any other fish with him? it looks like he is either doing this to himself or the other fish are, I would remove the castle if he can get inside it and any other...
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    Unwell Betta, Please Help

    No I soften the water a bit with alder cones and catappa, I have bred bettas quite a few times in this water and have grown some healthy adults that have adapted to my water but have never kept the fish I breed. I guess they would live longer than the store ones that were probably bred at a fish...