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    Eba advice ,

    Hi all , got possibly a very stupid question ? Ive got eba that hAve had eggs that hatched I Took some wrigglers out and have them Seperate in little tank that’s still in main tank , but because they’re so small I covered it with tights to stop them Falling through but golden gourami is...
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    Guppy babies

    Hi all I’m new to this fish keeping , I have loads of guppy babies in seperate tank some Are quite big now about 4 weeks old And have started to get colour , roughly how old Do I transfer to community tank ? I’m scared other fish will eat them , I have guppies , Corys pleckos and neon tetras...
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    Pregnant female guppies

    Hi all I’m new to fish keeping and I’ve got two heavily pregnant guppies they’re both looking very square on the tummy so think they’re going to give birth any day , can I put both of them in a breeding tank together