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    New female guppies

    Very nice little fish. That one has quite the blue flash too. Nice! How nice to have a lfs who appreciates you too.
  2. Aqua67

    Algae problem cant get rid of the green water no matter what we do! Feel like giving up!

    When I had green water so thick in my goldfish tank that I couldn’t see the fish, I put in some beneficial bacteria (like API Quick Start) before I went to bed, turned off the aquarium light, and in the morning it was clear as could be.
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    Welcome to TFF. You’ve got a good sized tank there and lots of room for more fish. We’d love to see a picture of what you’ve got in there so far. What a good sized tank. You have a lot of colorful choices for fish, depending on your goals. Have you kept fish before? If you’re interested in...
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    PBS Nature tonight

    Nature: Soul of the Ocean Here is the URL (above). Thank you Alice, I’ll be watching this at my first opportunity today.
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    Losing my nitrate battle

    Could you add a lot of fast growing floating plants to your aquarium and then perhaps combine your tap water with some RO or distilled water?
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    Good medium-sized fish that do well with plants?

    My electric blue acara left my plants alone. It did well in my 38 gal aquarium along with a handful of cories.
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    red cobra

    Very pretty. Are you going to pick some up?
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    Tell me something funny

    I went hiking yesterday at a state park and came across this sign so I took a pictures. I found it completely hilarious. I know I’ve been inside a few outhouses before that looked like an explosion had recently occurred. LOLOLOL
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    Help! My Gold Sev in Critical Condition !!

    Your 28 gallon tank is too small for just one of those 5 cichlids you are currently keeping. It is no wonder you are struggling. I would also stick to either African cichlids or South American, and I would not mix them. Even if this mess in your tank is resolved, you will continue to struggle...
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    What do I need to add to this 10 gallon ? And what species of fish should I add ?

    Flourish is not going to remineralize your water for fish and plants. It is plant food, not a remineralizer. I also use RO water as I have a well high in Iron, potassium chloride salts, and dissolved solids (~300) and I keep shrimp. So I use products to remineralize my aquariums. I also use...
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    Plant Tank Transfer, Do I Dare?

    I would say go with your gut feeling, let the old sword plant stay in its home, and find a new “mother plant” or other beautiful sword plant to place into your new cichlid tank.
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    Sick Angel fish

    I would think the best thing you could do would be to provide good clean water and a stress free environment. An airstone might help get more oxygen into the water, gasping is usually due to lack of oxygen. In an uncycled hospital tank you may need to change some water daily until you start...
  13. Aqua67

    Sick Angel fish

    I’m thinking there was either a water problem or an overpopulation problem. Without a kit you don’t know if your water is playing a role. What size is your tank? It’s possible that overpopulation contributed to a water issue or low oxygen issue. I’m not sure if your fish will be able to...
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    Sick Angel fish

    There is likely more to this story than what we’ve heard so far. When you first noticed this behavior in the main tank, did you test your water parameters? What were they? Was this tank already cycled? How long have you had this tank? What size is this tank and how many other fish do you...
  15. Aqua67

    Best filter and aquarium kit for shrimp?

    This is the one that I’m using on my shrimp tank. I squeeze it out maybe once a month and it is just one more grazing area in my tank for my shrimp and micro crabs to enjoy. Fluval Intake Sponge (click link to see product) My little HOB filter has never killed a shrimp and it does an...