Will my ghost shrimp starve?

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Aug 13, 2004
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Erie, Pennsylvania
I just got a ghost shrimp last night and put him in my tank with 2 platies. I absolutely *love* him -- well worth the 30-cent investment haha.

Anyway, I noticed when I fed the platies, he grabbed up one of the flakes that fell to the bottom. However, my platies don't let much of their food fall -- so I'm worried he won't get enough to eat!

I don't what else they eat, but I don't want him to starve. Should I add anything for him?
Plus, I believe ghost shrimp also eat, or at least nibble on, algae. If you are really worried, add an extra little bit of food, but I really think you'll be fine.

i wouldnt worry too much either if i were you..i've had about 40 ghost shrimp for feeders at a time (got 10 for a buck!) and they seem to eat flakes, algae, and they just go around finding ways to survive..so dont worry.. they'll be fine :thumbs:
I gotta agree with everyone else, they will be ok. They will eat anything. So dont worry. Ive never kept them as pets though, only as food. :rolleyes:
I don't really know but I have a Japanese Marsh Shrimp and he eats everything from algae to betta pellets. :D
If you got a bit of wood in there, he'll be fine. He will eat the bark not so much that it will be noticeable, so dont worry

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