whats wrong with mr gourami?

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May 30, 2004
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south carolina
i have been visiting my grandma for the past couple of days.
she has a fish tank that she NEVER cleans except for changing the filter cartridge (she didnt even know about these things called partial water changes :rolleyes: ...although surprisingly all the fish have been living there for several years )

its a 20gal with a swordtail, a pleco (who is getting a little too big for the tank) and a gourami.

well-the first thing i did when i got there was clean the tank and i noticed the gourami was a little puffy looking and lethargic. she said he has been looking/acting that way for a while.

i thought he might have dropsy but there was no sign of "pineconage"
i took him out and put him in a seperate container with polyaqua, salt and blackwater expert (its all i brought with me :( )
he looked so bad that i thought he would die while i was there. he didnt. he progressively perked up each day. he still looks puffy but he is acting almost normally.
any idea what could be wrong? and what i could tell her to do? (before i left, i mixed a big rubbermaid tub of treated water for her to do water changes every 2 days-it should last about 2 weeks)
it sounds like u saved him jacblades, im not sure wat that could be, i know my guppys get fat like that off n on and it userally goes away with salt, a water change and melafix :dunno: i dunno, maybe he eats too much :D
its definately not overfeeding because he is fat everywhere-especially around his face. it sort of looks a little like dropsy but his scales arent sticking out.
he doesnt even look like a gourami anymore. :dunno:
i hope he gets better though :/
in dropsy do his scales have to nesisaryily stick? iv heard it depends on how big the scales are. ill try to do sum resurch and get back to u :)

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