What type of Betta is this?

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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, you have a keen eye 😊 I do have 2 other tanks but they are both occupied by CPD babies and cherry shrimp at the moment, so they are out of the question, another month or so and the babies can go in the main tank and to my LFS (local fish shop) I know he was in with the same types of fish before including mountain minnows and blue eye rainbowfish the only thing I can do is monitor him and the others until moving day for the babies. I have read about the hormones (mainly testosterone and estrogen) and as long as I keep on top of water changes they shouldn't be a problem. I do 25% every Sunday but I can step it up to 50% twice a week if necessary.
I really feel that I must keep him as it would be such a shame to have to give him up so I may have to setup and put him in the hospital tank for a while 😒
Bettas can normally do ok with shrimp, since they live on different parts of the tank. Just don’t keep them in tanks less than 5gl.

Also the betta seems to be a bicolor scarlet and metallic blue veil tale (with a little plakat)

Veil tails are more aggressive than your average betta so maybe try to put it in another tank 😊
I like him. He’s a veil tale alright. I think that was the first “fancy” Betta that came along over fifty years ago. He’s got nice color and he looks like he likes his home. He looks cool cruising through all those tetras and other fish. Betta’s like that are tougher and hardier than the super fancy ones around today.
I like him. He’s a veil tale alright. I think that was the first “fancy” Betta that came along over fifty years ago. He’s got nice color and he looks like he likes his home. He looks cool cruising through all those tetras and other fish. Betta’s like that are tougher and hardier than the super fancy ones around today.
He is nice looking thanks 👍 that is why I took the chance on him and it is paying off quite nicely, all the fish are happy and swimming around in the open😊 and there is a constant bubble nest in the back under some frogbit 👍
Blimey, that's a lot to reply to 🤪

It is, I'm sorry! I'm known for being a waffler. :blush: I really appreciate that you took the time to answer in detail! Thank you. Just suffered a major loss recently, and throwing myself into the hobby somewhat helps me to think about something else. Plus when you see a tank that is working, and I'm doing tank overhauls and new projects, it's great to pickup tips and tricks from others who are successfully keeping the fish you want to keep or a tank that's running well!
I'll get an updated photo tomorrow as lights are gone out now 🙄 I didn't do any dry start method and I went against all advice that I've been told at my lfs and read online asfar as baby tears are concerned, I just thought I'd try a pot and see what happens (live or die) and it is living 😊

Haha, my approach to plants too! Outside, inside, tank. Give it a go and see if it works out. :)
It maybe because I don't gravel vac and when I setup a substrate I always put filthy water from a canister filter in it and mix it all up. Yes this does make a horrible mess on the first fill but 1 99%water change and refill slowly locks all the nutrients in

That's a really smart way to seed the substrate to start a new tank, to be fair! I like it.
Rotala / every plant I have grow well using this method although the colours come out much better under the Fluval 3.0. My other tanks just have budget lights on them, everything grows but colours aren't so vibrant.

Yep, and seeing some of the fish - especially the nano fish that are so small - at their best seems to be through a good light. The purple emperor tetra I got the other day don't show well in their current tank at all, can't see the blues and purples that I saw in the store under a really good plant light, which is why I've been thinking about investing in at least one decently rated one! The pseudomugi I have would look amazing under a good light too.
I do like to mix up the shrimp aswell I love seeing the new and different colours that appear and because there are so many breading at the same time the survival rate isn't so bad but Mossy (the betta) is quite partial to a shrimp or 3 😁, but I do have backup shrimp in my other tanks just in case 😏

Haha! Cheeky fella. Since you have colonies going in other tanks, you could make the betta tank a cull one... 😬 There's enough plant cover that most will probably make it I'm sure! I knew that you're not meant to mix colours of neocaridina, in that they'll produce a lot of wild types in time, but it was definitely fun to see all the colours they still produce! Had mainly red cherry since they were cheaper, but I'm really drawn to the blues, so got some babies for cheap! They've thrown orange, blacks, even rilis which are fun to find! But I do plan to have a blue only tank at some point. I do love my little guys, and the useful amanos.
No problem at all, its all good passing on knowledge and hearing about how other people do things, I like taking other ideas on and modifying them and putting my own stamp on it. like the gravel; people say "squeeze a sponge out to seed a tank" but that will just go into the new filter and that's about it but my way the whole substrate is seeded, the new filter and decor will be covered in bacteria.
Obviously you still need to test and do your water changes but on a new setup i leave the filter alone until it starts running slowly so the bacteria thoroughly colonize the filter media (and everything else really)
I'm all for just giving new things a go even if people say it can't be done i.e lowtech, no ferts Baby Tears, all we can do is research and give it a go and even try a couple of times if we want to :)
I don't like the whole culling concept (the wife works for the RSPCA) but feeding live / natural foods is all good in my book :) I have taken some pictures but my 3 year old is playing with my phone atm :rolleyes: all the shrimp that I really want to keep are in the fry tank even tho the fry aren't really fry anymore they are young CPD's ready for sale :) I'll put a pic of that up aswell if your interested.
Big losses really suck but unfortunately it's all part of it despite our best efforts:(
I did do an all blue dream tank once but I got bored and spiced it up with more colour ;) in reality it makes them hardier introducing fresh blood into the sterile bloodline.
I'm always happy to help if i can or have a guess anyway :)
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