What made you laugh today?

Flushable Pets

Aug 4, 2020
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Oh boy, Mrs. Flushable, the kids and I all enjoyed a big belly laugh today!

Yesterday I bought a new Taurus G2C replace my bulky and heavy everyday carry. So we all went out to my mother's property this afternoon to get some trigger time. I brought my new Taurus, the Mrs. brought her Walther PK380 and the kids brought their Nerf guns. Just a great afternoon making some noise and punching holes in paper.

The Mrs. is up for her third magazine and on her second shot she catches a piece of hot brass in her bra. She hopped around like the Easter bunny for about 10 seconds shaking it out while all four of us (including her) laughed like lunatics. No harm done.

As usual, she outshot me and the kids had a blast having a Nerf war. Our daughter also outsmarted her brother and got the jump on him by hiding behind a big pine tree and she mag dumped him with her Nerf gun. He knew had been had.

Hopefully everyone here has enjoyed a good laugh recently. A good laugh can be as effective as six months therapy when you're having a rough day.

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