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Feb 2, 2003
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Prescot, Merseyside, UK
I have a Jewel Rio 180 aquarium. All my water parameters are great; ammonia 0, pH 7, nitrite 0. I test all the water parameters weekly, every week the nitrAte levels are between 25mg/l and 50mg/l. How often and how much water do you and would you change?

The tank is quite densly planted and the filter has a venturi fitted to it for extra oxygen. The tank inhabitants are as follows:

Pearl Danio 5
Male Guppy 2
Female Guppy 4
Platty's 3
Cat Fish 4
Flying Fox 1
Dalmation Molly 2
Saffron Molly 2
Black Molly 2
Blue Neon 6
Black Neon 3
Gippy Plec 1
X-Ray Tetra 2
Botia Rostriata 1
Kuhli Loach 1
Black Widow Tetra 2
Silver Shark 1
Bowman Rainbow 1
Pineapple Swordtail 2
Red Rainbow 1
Dwarf Gourami 2
Gold Gourami 2
Siamese Fighter 1
There is a lot of controversy about this subject and everyone has their own favorites. However it would be safe to say that a 25% change per week is more than sufficient. As I say if you look through pass posts' you'll see differences of opinions. Basically it's what best suits you.
The idea you must remember is that it is the fishes environment that you are changing when you change their water. If your filtration is in top notch condition, the system should take care of itself and the water change is merely to refresh the aged water. Ammonia, nitrites etc. should be disposed of via the filtration system and nitrogen cycle occuring naturally in your tank.
I also have a heavily planted rio 180 as my community tank and as much as I like the tank, I do find that the filter system could be much better on them. I have less fish than you, and more "clean up crew" and I do between 25 - 35% water changes every week (if I can). How often are you doing water changes now?
I test my all my water parameters weekly. If the nitrAte reaches between 25mg/l and 50mg/l I do a 25% water change. That's the way I work all my tanks. For a while I was having to do a water change every week on the Rio 180, so I added more plants to reduce the nitrAte. It needs a water change this week but hasn't had one for 2 weeks. My other 2 tanks have to have on every week. The nitrAte is always between 25mg/l and 50mg/l in them as they're slightly overstocked.

What fish have you got in your tank gadazobe?
Water changes will also add vital minerals that fish require. With an over populated tank like that, i would suggest 25 % weekly as a minimum.. Personally i try not to let my nitrates get above 25, but i keep discus!??

At the end of the day it is personnal preference, but it can't hurt to be over cautious.
So would you suggest doing a 25% water change without even testing the nitrAte levels, but test all the parameters after the water change a oppossed to before?

Would you also doa gravel clean every week?
I do a surface gravel clean every week (I tend to overfeed :*) and once every 2 weeks a thorough gravel clean on 1/4 of the substrate - alternating each quarter every time, so that the whole gravel gets a thorough clean once a month (hope you understand my method ) I have in the tank:

2 gobi dragons
1 plec
6 cories,
1 anablep anablep
1 betta
2 zebra danios
1 adult sailfin molly
a few sailfin juvies
4 clown loaches (juvies)

and a partridge in a pear tree :lol: :lol:

The tank is heavily planted - although my plec is a bit disruptive (trying to catch him to put him in the cichlid tank)

My water parameters have been stable now for a long time (runs to knock on wood) and I test them about once a month only. I use tap water - adding hot tap water to make it the right temp (I don't have a hot water tank - I have a combi boiler that heats up the water as you use it) add the dechlorinator, plant food and that's about it.
First things first, I use Interpet Flora balance and add a little each time I do a water change. Secondly, I checked out Tetra Easy Balance, and to be honest, don't like it. Anything that says that the water only needs changing twice a year can't posibly have the good interest of the fish in mind. Can you imagine living in a closed environment for 1 year and never cleaning :grr: :grr: IMO the water has to be changed regularly and the gravel cleaned. Also by adding new water, you're replenishing essential minerals that are found in fresh water as well as ridding the tank of toxins that might accumulate.
Chemflex - what do you use a net for? The only time I've had to use a net was to catch some julies that I eventually sold., and even then I had to dismantle the tank before I could catch them, I never sterilised the net and the last I heard, the julies are doing fine and breeding like rabbits. (That was why I had to get rid of them - didn't have enough room for the enlarged family unit :D )-
It'd also be worth checking to see what the nitrate levels are out the tap.....

.....mine are at 40-50mg/l out the tap so I use a NitraZorb pouch in the filter to keep them down ;)

how do you all feel about this product
Tetra Easy Balance
I didnt purchase it...

Rubbish.. I do not know how you are keeping you tank without any water changes.. Well, ok... "old-water-tank"-theory, but anyway...

I asked once from our importer about the product and they said that they haven't really marketed the product, but because they represent Tetras products they import EB too.

I change water 50-75% /week. And like other said, you should check your tap water values too. Or try to find from internet, if your "water plant" has put them on internet. I mean like this way: http://www.helsinginvesi.fi/documentindex....7&type=1&show=1

And if I do not remember wrong, UN test/investigate water in over 100 countries. Is there any help, I don't know. Best way is to ask them from your "water plant" ... I tried to find those data, but i only found this: http://www.inweh.unu.edu/inweh/wwdr.htm There is link to Unesco homepages, if there is some data(?). I didn't fint it.
Well I also agree its rubish, I never said I was using it, I said that my dad brought it home with him. I just wanted to see what other members thought of it and to see if anyone actually used it.

I was thinking about using it like gadazobe uses's Interpet Flora balance. Gadazobe, are these two products similar? I dont want to hurt my fathers feelings, "Oh this stuff is crap, blah blah blah" It was a nice jesture by him, im just trying to figure out a way I can use it.

Im not trying to get away from water changes either, I know its vital to having a healthy tank.

The only times I use nets is to scoop up leaves, drain the water off live food and to catch the odd occasional dead fish. I just wondered as most aquatic centres sterilise their nets. I sterilise them in mytaxin, am I wrong?

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