Vt Male And Dt Female?what Would You Get?

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....didn't you take -any- advice on your other thread about not breeding?

1. You might end up with fry no one wants
2. You don't know any of the genetics about your fish
3. It'll probably end up like this. VTs with DT geno, spawn mom with a vtdt male, you'll probably end up with some VTDTs. Not that they'll look nice since we don't know what the finnage of the parents are like.
After your last thread its a fair assumption you are ignoring everyones advice.

I dont think you really know what is involved in breeding Betta's let alone keeping the male alive with females, should something go wrong :/

I would really consider forgetting breeding, at least till you
a ) have the complete knowledge required
b ) have someone/some place for the babies (should it happen)
c ) actually have the correct setup (tank wise)
d ) have the special foods & water conditioners etc that promote good health in Betta;s

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