Veil Tailed Ram ?

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Sep 15, 2011
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I saw this photo and i questioned if it was even real. Do they even exist ? if they do i haven't seen any in a LFS. doesn't really seem a good idea considering they are likely to nip each other

Yeah, it's a genetic mutation of a german blue ram, just like balloon rams, and other veil finned fish. They're probably just not very common, though I wouldn't doubt it's legitimate.

They don't selectively breed fish to look like circles or have long fins because it's beneficial. They do it cause it'll make the fish sell better, like a novelty.
thanks. poor fish would be picked on relentlessly
thanks. poor fish would be picked on relentlessly
That's how it goes with most mutations, I'm afraid :/ sure they might look prettier to some people, but I prefer to avoid anything with "balloon" or "veil tailed" or "sail finned" or "lyretail" or "long finned" the list goes on. all of those things are just mutations.
Long finned rams are real. Been around at least since the 80's, just not many breeders anymore with the powder blue and balloons selling like hot cakes.
I like the look of it, but nipping could be a problem. my lace(vieltail) angels fins are in perfect shape and dont slow him down at all :) I think you just have to be careful picking tank mates.

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