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Jun 9, 2002
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I don't know if anyone else has dealt with a10sweety either on Aquabid or Ebay or directly, but I had the most positive experience buying from her and wanted to share. Her link is:

So to be brief, I wanted clown loaches and gouramis. Never having bought fish online, she bent over backwards, including adding extra fish to my order AND letting me pay after I received my live arrival to calm my worries. She is communicative, patient, and most important, her fish are gorgeous and healthy (survived 4 hours or more on my Chicago front porch, under 45 deg. farenheit no problem). If they die now, it's my fault.

Anyway, she has a large selection, prices lower than my lfs even with shipping, and the fish are healthy and vibrant.
Thanks. When the platies bite it, you'll be next for me to contact cichlid... would like some blue rams methinks, one day...

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