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Apr 16, 2006
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Keighley, West Yorks, UK
Went to the LFS today to pick up the gravel for the new tank. He has a new supplier and had tonnes of plecs in for a change. Saw a group of baby Clowns and was very tempted, until I saw a label on a tank for an L146. I saw a tail poking out from under some bogwood, so I got the guy to lift the bogwood and out popped what I think is actually a Chaetostoma pearsei. I didn't know what he was at the time, so you know me, he had to come home.

Anyhoo got home and looked him up...and I was being good, honest. Then I caved and sent Lisa's hubby dow to pick me up a Clown Plec too. :blush: :lol:

Sorry, no pics, but they're both settling in really well. :D
Ooh congrats! :good:

Love getting new plecs, can't wait to see pics!

So you got another new tank? What size is this one? What you gonna put in it? You've got more room for more plecs, I'm soo jealous!
Dan's having Ned and Poofish in his tank and Lisa's got De Niro now, so we only have the Royal for the Rio 300. Both of the plecs we bought today are small growing so we should be fine if we can find a happy medium between the care of the Chaetostoma and the panaques :D

Of course, that is dependant on him being confirmed as Chaetostoma pearsei, because its now looking less likely. Apparently they come from Venezuela and are not bred in captivity. Also, apparently lecs can't be exported from Venezuela, so IDing is a bit murky at the moment! He certainly looks like a White Spot Bulldog though. Very confusing!
Woohoo. Sounds very exciting. I hope we get to see pics as soon as they've settled nicely. Bet you're pleased with your new guys. How big are they??

What is it with you and strange, unidentifiable plecs? Poofish is still an unknown isn't he? Now this new guy.

Can't wait to see them, the unidentified sounds lovely.

Hmm, talking to people about buying new plecs makes me want to go out and buy new ones, but we have to resist :angry: Not fair.

Why is it with fishkeeping that you just can't be happy with what you've got. There's nothing worse than realising you are fully stocked and your tank is done. The only thing you can buy is plants and try re-arranging. Nowhere near as fun as buying new fish.

**Big sigh**

Will just have to wait for a bigger, better house so we can buy a bigger better tank! :hey:
LOL yeah Bex, but you eventually run out of space. We need to buy Buckingham Palace I reckon, to satisfy our plec addiction!

I really wish I had a camera - must see if I can get someone to visit and take pics. The unidentified is really gorgeous, as is the baby Clown.

Yep, Poofish is still unidentified, but at least we know he's an ancistrus, which means we know his care needs. I'm still thinking the new unidentified is a Chaetostoma pearsei (or very similar Chaetostoma species), I just don't know how it's possible, if you get me *lol*.

Just in the middle of setting up their new home - black glass superfine gravel is in and looks fab, bogwood is in. Just got to sort the filters and fill it now! Ooo the excitement! :lol:

Edited to add: Sorry AlexandCarmen, completely forgot to say. Clown plec is about 1", the unidentified is a bit bigger, maybe 1.5". :)

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