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Jul 21, 2006
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So today I cleaned out my 10 gallon a bit and went to my lfs. I got some new corydoras.

Emerald Corydoras.

I love the playful bunch already, and they don't bother a thing. In fact, they seem to entertain my lone Glowlite, and they all love the new surplus of plants.

anything specific to know? I know these get pretty big for cories, and I think eventually I'll give my featherfin syno to a LFS, get 2 more of these guys, and put them in the 38, but when they're bigger and can't get past Alfred's mouth. (the senegal bichir who's accomplished in eating even adult wood shrimp after molting and an African butterfly Fish.)
These are Brochis splendens, right? Like a bigger, fatter Corydoras and with a dorsal fin that runs further along the back.

Nice fish. Prefer deep water, so 45 cm rather than 30 cm depth tanks are said to be best. Otherwise very similar to regular cories. I kept this species twenty years ago, and I haven't seen them much since. At the time Brochis britskii was the catfish to have. Either way, none seem to be widely kept or bred. Perhaps they are a little more delicate?

Cheers, Neale
EXACTLY what I have. They seem to be quite comman here. I'm soon to up the shoal to 6.
They're common here, too. Mine are rather shy and lazy, but they're stil nice to have. I don't think they're too delicate, since they lived in my friend's tank for two years without a single water change.
mine are the oppisite. they're outgoing and hyper active. I even catch them taking rides on each other's back all over the tank. It's hilarious.
Congrats on your cories. My Brochis splendens have gotten very energetic since I add the long fins and especially since the sterbai joined. Everyone is just all over swimming around. I am concerned for the Rasaboras getting run over or speared. :look: .

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