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The Walstad Method

Discussion in 'Planted Chit Chat' started by MewMew42, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. MewMew42

    MewMew42 Fish Herder

    Feb 13, 2009
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    Manchester UK
    Ive been faffing arounf for ages about my plants and thinking about CO2 and teh expenses involved as well as teh maintenance, since im moving the tank will have to come down so if i re-set it up like this if at all possible

    now Im trying to lean more about the Walstad Method, I know there is a book, but I just need it explaining a little really [its been a long day talking to people about algae =\]

    from what I understand you use a non fert based soil from the base, then add 1" of gravel over the top - can you put some mesh inbetween the layers so that the roots can still go down into the soil? or is tehre any point in that? i just dont want my fish to mix it all up lol, so can anyone from teh uk recommend a type of soil?

    the use of filters? it will be a 125L tank using a U3, is that okay? im not sure of teh importance of filtration in this method but id rather keep it

    is the plant growth good? mine are pitiful right now :| or would it actually be better to add some sort of co2?

    any tips would be great, i dont wanna mess it up lol

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