Suggestions for Stocking a Tall Tank

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Oct 21, 2002
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I have a 30-gallon TALL tank that we cycled using pure ammonia. Now the water-test readings are looking good, and I’m ready to add fish. At the moment, five pretty good sized fish (grown up “feeders”) from another tank are temporarily taking up residence to keep the bacteria colony healthy.

The tank has a pump powerful enough to service both the undergravel filter and a bubbler, so the tank is getting plenty of aeration.

I’d like suggestions about what kind of fish to stock the tall tank with. I know that angel fish are recommended for tall tanks, but I’m not particularly fond of that species. In the past, I’ve enjoyed both tetras (neon, etc.) and clown loaches. I was thinking of getting maybe a dozen tetras, since they are small and like to school. And maybe three or four loaches.

Beyond that, any suggestions? I’m assuming loaches are considered bottom-level fish. Are tetras middle-level? If so, what would be a good upper level fish to balance the tank out? I’d like to avoid aggressive fish.

Looking forward to your ideas!

Bill B.
You might look into dwarf gouramis. I got a few for a 29G regular tank and I really like them. And, they are hardy.

Or livebearers like platies, which are colorful and lively.

Also, I just got a Siamese Algae Eater. They are quite entertaining, darting all over the place, are interesting looking, grow to a decent but not too large size, and eat algae. A winner in my book. But hard to find.

Anyway, these are what I have. My tank is quite active and colorful.
:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Tetras very good choice :) Make sure you get at least 6 of each species to get them shoaling well :thumbs: Neons won't shoal with glowlights and glowlights with rummy nose etc...
Boy, ain't that the Tetra truth. My lfs goofed on that one....
Hi BS,

Danios are entertaining are predominantly top dwellers but cover all levels - very active :thumbs:

btw you say a 'tall' tank but what are the dimensions?

how about hatchetjaws? they are very pretty under lights,non aggressive and a bit unusual. I have 2 and they remind me of the film gremlins

beki :look:
Farlowalla Twig Cats would be good, put some upright bogwood branches in around the back, and Marbled Hatchets for the top. They stay pretty small so 5 would do for top of tank. Have had mine year and a half now, been in 4 different tanks and still going strong. :)
look into angel fish, but a word of warning they are some what aggresive in the way that they will chases fish around form time to time and usaly set up teritories in the tank but they are kick ass fish
Gouramis are a good choice, they like to cruise the whole tank IME, and I always recommend Silver Dollars for tall tanks as they like to inhabit the middle regions, but they do like a wider tank.

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