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Jun 20, 2019
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Hows it going everyone.! So i had just purchased this beautiful oscar fish about 3weeks ago for my tank with some simple fishes in there tetras platies mollies nd two shark fish and a gourami. Now the first couple days was fine no aggression at all in the slightest except the gourami kind of went nd checked him out then left him alone. Now out of nowhere (atleast to my knowledge i do sit nd stare at my fish for hours of the day nd night) the gourami is goin hard wait HARD on the oscar chasin him around not letting him have a chance maybe a quick 2 min break then back at nipping. So the gourami never been aggressive either only when he eats he likes to chase the tetras off, so now my question is for this big bad nd so called "monster fish" the famous Oscar why wouldnt he protect him self hes much larger in size could easily get the gourami off his bck yet doesnt. As i said hes fairly new in the tank but hasn't been no aggression till now. All water parameters are on point .! Including temperatures, water changes doin weekly.! Before any of you ask also its a 60g tank more than enough room for the size they're are at that.
I left link of a video since it wont let me post up here anything would be helpful


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May 25, 2019
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Billings Montana USA
Oh, a Kissing Gourami. That explains things. I don't think he's actually being aggressive. That's just something they do. The Oscar got it because he's the new guy. He'll put his dukes up before long. But, here's a problem you are going to have fairly soon. That Oscar is going to grow fast and when he's not much bigger than he is right now he's going to kill or eat the rest of your fish.


Feb 25, 2009
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SaveTheEarth...you cannot allow that to continue so the fish must be separated immediately. "Kissing" Gourami are very nasty fish, comparable to cichlids as they mature, and here the established KG clearly has no intention of tolerating the presence of the oscar who the KG sees as an intruder into his space. KG are very territorial.

Back's comment on the oscar becoming a terror is correct, but here I would be surprised if the oscar survives many days so it will not have the chance to show how nasty it is, normally.

I don't know the tank size, but you may have pending issues with some of the other fish mentioned. "Sharks" become bully terrors too in many cases. Tetras, platies and mollies need different water parameters (GH and pH) though we need to know which tetras.


Jan 26, 2008
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Perth, WA
Hi and welcome to the forum :)

The albino Oscar resembles the kissing gourami in colour and shape, which is why the Oscar is being attacked. Gouramis are highly territorial fishes, as are most cichlids, and introducing a white Oscar into a tank with a white gourami, you have added an intruder into the gourami's territory (tank).

The Oscar will eventually grow to 10-12 inches long and needs a tank that is at least 4 foot long x 18 inches wide x 18 inches high. The kissing gourami grows to a similar size and should not be kept with the Oscar because this fighting won't stop until one of the fish is dead.

Oscar cichlids are predators that will eat anything small enough to fit in their mouth. If the fish lives long enough, it will eventually eat the tetras and rasboras in the tank.

The black widow/ skirt tetras are terrified, as can be seen in their behaviour where they are up against the back wall of the aquarium watching the gourami attack the Oscar.

Whichever shop sold you these fish is not doing you any favors. I would return the Oscar and kissing gourami or get a couple of bigger tanks for them and keep them in different tanks to stop them fighting.

If you want to keep kissing gouramis and Oscars together, you need to get different coloured fish and put them into a big tank at the same time. Having fish that are the same colour will encourage fighting. Adding one fish and allowing it to set up a territory, then adding another fish some time later, will also lead to fighting.