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Rules & Format To Use For All Reviews

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Aug 20, 2012
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Reviews MUST follow the basic rules and format shown below or they will be deleted! You will not be given the opportunity to edit them.
We've kept the rules very simple so they would be easy to follow.  
  1. Stick to the facts.
    Example: "The filter broke when I inserted the intake tube."
    Bad Example: "They made the tube with cheap plastic and it broke."

  2. When something is your opinion say so.
    Example: "I felt the tube should have been stronger."
    Bad Example: "The tube was weak and cheap."

  3. Be specific not general or broad.
    Example: "This one broke the minute I inserted the intake tube."
    Bad Example:
    "All Brand-X filters are a piece of junk. This one broke the minute I inserted the intake tube."
  4. When dealing with chain stores review only a single location. Do not review the entire chain.
    Example: "The Store-X at 6th Street and Main had several fish with ich in the tanks."
    Bad Example: "Store-X stores always have ich. No one should ever buy fish from Store-X."
  5. Do not use insults or bad language in your review.
  6. Publishing reviews is at the discretion of the Moderation Team. Not all reviews will be published.
  7. You must have at least 60 substantive posts on the forum in order to write a review.
In order to keep reviews consistent and to provide useful information to members reading them they will be required to follow the below basic format. If the format is not followed the review will be deleted. All reviews must be approved by a moderator prior to being published so if your review doesn't show up right away this is why.
Name of Product Store or Web Site
Include the basic information here. Information should be factual, very specific, and if you express an opinion it should say so.
An example might be: The intake broke off of the filter when I inserted it. I felt like it should have been stronger.
How long have you owned this product?
  • Even if you just purchased the product we want to know. This is helpful in gaging your experience with it. Someone who has used a filter for 5 years will know the ins and outs of it better than someone who just unboxed it.
  • This is a required field so if you fail to include this your review will be deleted.
Ease of Use (if a product)
An example might be: This filter was difficult for me to get the media fitted into.
Customer Service (if a store or online retailer)
An example might be: I was in the shop 10 minutes and wasn't greeted. I wanted to buy a particular fish but no one came over to me to ask if I needed help.
Note: if it wasn't a product you can leave that out or if there was no customer service you can leave that out.
  • A bullet point list of what you liked.
  • Keep it short on each point.
  • This makes it easier to read.
  • A bullet point list of what you didn't like.
  • Or what could be better.
  • Keep it short.
  • Be factual.
  • If it's an opinion state that it's just your opinion.
Note: Try to put at least 3 of each. If you simply can't think of any put "N/A"
Use one of these three emoticons to rate the product in a simple visual way.  Please only use the emoticons shown below.
  • Would recommend
  • No opinion or recommendation
  • Would not recommend
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