Ricordea mushroom

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Dec 27, 2004
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Common name(s): Ricordea mushroom, ricordea, 'rics'

Scientific name: Ricordea florida

Family: Ricordeidae

Location: Carribean

Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Tank Placement: Low to mid level

Water Flow: low

Light: low to moderate

Care: Ricordea florida comprise a group of corals that are one of the hardiest and also most colorful. They are good starter corals for beginners starting a marine tank. The corals come in colors of green, orange, blue and other shades and all usually have a bright green colored oral disc. When purchased, it may come on a small fragment of live rock or just the polyp. A free polyp can be kept in place with light string or a rubber band. It will affix to live rock in several days. A fragment can be held with either epoxy putty or Loctite gel. Be aware that the polyp shrinks down when handled. It will expand after acclimation so, give it room between polyps and other corals since they can be semi-aggressive and compete for space.
The ricordea prefers low water movement and low to moderate lighting. If you are using metal halides, you may want to keep the polyp under indirect light until accclimated to the tank. One of the most beautiful aspects of owning this simple coral is that it will fluoresce under LED moonlights in the dark and also under metal halides.

Feeding: Ricordea contain zooxanthellae (symbiotic algae) and are therefore photosynthetic. However, they will benefit from occasional feedings of plankton.

Reproduction: Ricordea divide by linear fission (see my tank specimen splitting below).


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