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Jan 14, 2006
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lanarkshire, Scotland
I have my small tank sitting empty at the moment waiting to be replanted but I'm wanting it to be a little bit special ;) I got an early christmas present yesterday...... nature aquarium world, book I'm even more determind to have it done out really nice.

OK time for a few details,

Tanks: 24"x18"x12" (roughly 80litres, 18UKgallons)
Lighting, T8 at present 2x 18W (but can easily add more cos that's pretty rubbish)
CO2, looking into a pressurised system atm, until then diy bottles.
pH 6.4
gh 1~2
KH low (can't remember exacte figure right this second, sorry)
everything else can be decided as I'm buying stuff ;)

I'm stuck with which substrate to buy, I'm not wanting gravel or sand in this tank (got them in other tanks) so I've been looking at the commercial planted substrates, in particular the Seachem Flourite, Eco-complete & Dennele Ground freshwater substrate.........having not seen any of these in person (only on website) I haven't a clue which looks nice or which would be most budget doesn't stretch to the ADA range unfortunetly, lol.

I'm still undecided about exact plants atm, I can steal cuttings from my other tanks but I want something different from what I already have. I already have the bogwood sorted so atleast that's one thing done, lol.

Any recommendations would be brilliant :D I'll sort out a list of plants I have "spare" aswell, plus a diagram of how I'd like it (appologise before hand cos I'm rubbish at drawing, lol).

Thanks for any help given :good: :good:
Any suggestions on the above substrates? :(

Here's a pic of the tank atm, with the wood that I'll be using :)
I have mostly microsorum pteropus, windelov, narrow & undulata along with anubias barteria nana and egeria densa............ow and crypto parva.


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I personally think eco-complete is the best looking substrate, but i'm in the exact same boat as you, I want to see them all in real life and what they would look like in a tank, but i've never seen them in a tank all next to each other so I can compare. May I ask what make that tank is and what price you got it for and where from? I really like it, and would like a bigger version.

Yeh I found EC boost kh and gh to around 8, for the first few months then settles at around 5/6, well in my nano anyway.

Thanks :D

Neal, This tank was from a friend he had them specially made for his fish room.........I swopped him a batch of goldfish fry (comets & fantails) for this one B) When I was looking about for a tank of this size I was quoted about £25 I think, my 2'cube tank cost me £80 to be specially made & that was with 10mm glass (& the poor guys had to lug it up the stairs, lol), this tank is about 8mms I think. I've seen 24"x15"x12" in my lfs for £29.

Will have a look about for a good price on the eco-complete :good:
What about the stand and hood? I've been quoted lots of wacky prices for 2' cubes, I decided to give up in the end. It would be cheaper for me to buy a posh tank from a company.

Stand was ment to be £60 & hood £40, I got them in the sale so a lot cheaper :good:

I was quoted stupid prices aswell for a 2' cube ranging from £400 upwards, I hit lucky & got the stand & hood off ebay for £30 (poor person dropped a rock in the tank and smashed the glass) and got the tank specially made by Boss aquariums (they're just up the road from me) who delivered it straight onto the stand :D . I always have a look on ebay & adtrader when I' looking for a new tank.
Sorry brain just isn't working today forgot to say where I got the stand from :blush: it was just from the LFS nothing fancy, the 2' cube one was apparently specially made though. I've only seen the stands 12" wide so I'm affraid I'm not too sure, the 30"x12" stand was £ 70 (I've got the hood but not the stand for another of my tanks, lol). I'll send a pm with the name of one company I'd been looking at :)

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