Quick question for my fellow fish keepers....

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May 23, 2003
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Washington State
EAT FISH!!! :S :wub: :lol: :eek:

Crazy I know....but I'm a vegetarian, have been for 12 years. The only meat derived food I eat is cheese, milk and an occasional cheese omlette. Of course being a vegetarian has nothing to do with animal rights...it was just a personal choice!
I was just wondering how many of you keepers actually eat them yourselves, or if some of you now have "issues" after having them as pets and how many don't care either way!!!! :crazy: :/ :alien: :fun: :wub:

Fess up guys!!!

I must confess - I eat fish :-( in fact it's my favourite food. :sad: I also eat meat and fowl and of course veggies and all the other. In fact I like to eat :lol: :p :rolleyes:
Yeah! I eat anything! Cows,Pigs,Baby Sheep,Chickens,Unborn Chickens(eggs),Fish,Crabs,Lobster's...etc.

Never tryed Dog yet! Ask Korean's they know more about Dog's.

My fish cost to much to eat! :lol:

In fact we used to go to restaurants that had fish in tanks; B) you selected the one you wanted, and the chef would catch it and cook it for you the way you want. This was all in the time BC (before children) :lol: :lol: now we're just plain broke!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
No fish or shellfish for me, although I do eat cow, chicken, and pig. Everytime the family goes out for dinner at a restaurant, my brother tries to convince me to eat seafood. I did eat shrimp once, when I was 17. My brother caught me smoking at a party and black mailed me. I had to eat 10 shrimp, the cold pink ones that you put on ice, and I had to do this in front of my parents, and I had to pretend I enjoyed it. I still have nightmares about it :)

I can't eat fish anymore but thats cause i'm female and sensitive. (And you know what us girls are like) lol....but on the other hand i let the kids have fishfingers. :no:
that's too funny :lol: whatta topic :lol: :lol:
yeah we eat fish :p , I thought about it the other day as we sat there chowing down tuna steaks in the dining room where my big tank is :rolleyes: , watching the fish as we ate fish... -_- :p
yea ever since brought fish i always thought of them when i get fish..... my fav! i eat all knids of meat including rabbits, sheep, snake, shark fin, and this is disgusting but i ate french snails in the Cn tower (canada)
:hyper: OH MAN!
I JUST L :wub: VE!!!!! seafood!!! shrimp especially :hyper: its so damn gooooooood *drool* I also like mussels , crab and crayfish, and I LOVE snapper, grilled fish is so nice, I like to grill fresh fish with ornage and garlic - its delectable, this week tho I have mostly been eaten... haddock :blink:



Are you talking about the 360? Last couple times I went there, the food was horrible, and not to mention over priced. You should try the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls, the food was awesome!

I eat tuna sandwiches and that's about it. I don't like any other sea food. It gives me a headache if I eat to much. And I don't like the taste of it.

You guys............. :D :rolleyes:

Well......even when I did eat meat I didn't like seafood so I'm safe there. But I have to admit that when I'm eating (anything) and am facing my fish tank I get a little queezy....I know, I know....what a weenie!!!


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